Saluting Great Moments in 242 Years of Army History

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The Army is the largest and oldest branch of the United States military. Focusing on land operations, its mission is to preserve the peace and defend national security – a mission the Army has carried out since its origins in the Revolutionary War more than 200 years ago. To celebrate this branch of the armed forces, here’s a look at 11 great moments in U.S. Army history. 


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 242579 - 0617



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Why is it that I never see a Latino being honor in your Place of Honor? After all the latino population is the largest minority in the U.S. and yet they are hardly recognized even when they die for this country.

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Thank you for sharing such historical information on our Army.
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Good Afternoon:

What a wonderful overview of the finest race of americans. Together we have accomplished much in so little time. Great article.