Get to Know Great Moments in Marine Corps History

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The Marine Corps is turning 242. Learn more and help wish a very happy birthday to America’s crisis response force and force in readiness.






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I am Nikki Hornsby the daughter of two former USMarines and an older brother who was a Seabee through VietNam who are no longer with us but I was raised with the values of the USA Military life and the can do attitude throughout my own long career in professional public work establishing Nikki Hornsby (Brand in 60s) and orgianal music up to the level of voting every year as a Grammy (NARAS) proud member. My talent agent for over 25 years, Leigh Castle of Castle Hill Ent., handles all actors but only I am the one professional Musician on her list to represent.  All of this was the influence of the US Marine Corp. for which I am very proud to wish A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY on the 10th of Nov. May God bless Country & the Corp. Thank you for the service and please continue for all our sakes.

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USAA?  Honoring veterans?  Gimme a break.  To my understanding and according to the BS emails I got from them the organization thinks the NFL is a wonderful organization and will continue to use them as an advertising outlet.  At the very least stop the nonsense and stop trying to say they support veterans as they support the immature, un-American, steroid fueled joksters of the NFL.  An open statement decouncing the NFL and stoppiing advertising dollars would be a real sign that USAA supports veterans and this nation.

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Compelled to say this in light of MarineBob's nonlinear response to the Marines' 242nd birthday, and his overall myopic conclusion of free speech and business practices:


USAA has been great to me, I'm proud to be a member, and if they choose to advertise during events that have a high viewership correlation by USAA's key demographic then I'm all for it: USAA should be doing what it can to get more military members and their families using their services.


If that means advertising during NFL games, who cares? The alternative is to decrease awareness over a protest with no bearing on the delivery of their business; we should all be disappointed if USAA chose the alternative.


There is so much that USAA does to support the military community, not just veterans. Attempts to obscure that or suggest an "open statement denouncing the NFL" as a "real sign" of such support is asinine.