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Free security software available for USAA members

‎06-24-2014 08:14 AM

Trusteer Rapport securityAccording to a report by the nonprofit Pew Research Center, a majority of Americans are now banking online. That's good for banking customers who like convenience — but also for identity thieves, who now have more potential targets than before.


While virus and malware protection is vital for anyone who’s online, having an extra dose of protection is particularly important for people who access their bank, credit card, investment or insurance accounts online. USAA is now making that protection available, for free.


USAA Offers Free Protection


Trusteer Rapport is software that helps protect the personal and financial information of users who are conducting online financial transactions. USAA has made it available to all members as a free download from The software is available for PC or Mac, and members will get free updates.

Staying safe

Trusteer Rapport, available to all USAA members for free, knows what hackers do when they're trying to get your password or get your identity. It identifies when there is hostile software on a member's computer and either neutralizes it or removes it.


Trusteer Rapport works with a user’s existing anti-virus programs to help safeguard information in financial transactions. It is most effective when a user is visiting a site that is also protected by Trusteer Rapport, but it gives consumers extra protection from specific threats even if the site doesn't participate.


Though USAA's site is thoroughly protected, members can still spread viruses or risk having personal and financial information taken if they don't take precautions themselves. Members' computers are their own responsibility, and failing to use proper virus protection and other safeguards could put them at risk of identity theft.


What's at stake


In the U.S., about 7 percent of individuals age 16 or older were victims of some form of identity theft in 2012, according to the most recent statistics from the U.S. Justice Department’s Bureau of Justice Statistics. That's nearly 17 million people.


The total loss: $24.7 billion, in excess of $10 billion more than the losses of every other property crime.

The Justice Department said about two-thirds of victims had no idea how the perpetrators obtained their personal information.


Members can download Trusteer Rapport from


Use of the term “member” or “membership” does not convey any eligibility rights for auto and property insurance products, or legal or ownership rights in USAA. Ownership rights are limited to eligible policyholders of United Services Automobile Association.


205034 - 0514

Trusteer Rapport Security


by Hughesg on ‎07-09-2014 03:31 PM - last edited on ‎07-16-2014 11:26 AM by Community Manager

I tried Trusteer Rapport, but it disabled too many things on my system.  I finally uninstalled it in order to get my system working the way it was before.  I'm running Windows 8.1, IE 11 and finger print scanner.  The finger print scanner was disabled by Rapport.


Hughesg, in your case, with Trusteer Rapport incorrectly recognizing devices on your system, it indicates a possible conflict or issue with your system.  Additional configuration may be required.  We encourage you to contact Trusteer Rapport support by visiting and using one of their communication methods on the right-hand side of that same page.  You can also get more information at


by etronguru on ‎07-09-2014 08:08 PM - last edited on ‎07-16-2014 11:28 AM by Community Manager

I've had Trusteer Rapport running on my WIn7 system for over a year with no problems. It is ironic that is listed as an unprotected website.


Etronguru, if is not showing as a protected site, it indicates a possible conflict or issue with your system.   Additional configuration may be required to fully protect you.  We encourage you to visit and type your question into the search area or contact Trusteer Rapport support by using one of their communication methods on the right-hand side of that same page.  You can also get more information at

by dbrueck on ‎07-10-2014 06:07 AM - last edited on ‎07-16-2014 11:29 AM by Community Manager

I tried Trusteer Rapport, but eventually uninstalled it as it did not recognize both my bank and USAA, which, according to its website, are supported institutions. Since it seemed to affect my laptop's performance while browsing, the amount of effort to manually configure it was not worth the effort, also considering the amount of hard drive space this bloated software consumed. I run Windows 8.1 Update 1, IE 11 and Firefox 30. For me, this was a definite fail!


Dbrueck, in your situation, with not showing as a protected site and the system slowdown, it indicates a possible conflict or issue with your system. Additional configuration may be required to protect your system fully. We encourage you to visit and type your question into the search area or contact Trusteer Rapport support by using one of their communication methods on the right-hand side of that same page. You can also get more information at

by GMC Guy on ‎07-15-2014 12:39 PM - last edited on ‎07-16-2014 11:32 AM by Community Manager

I'm running an older XP operating system, but given the only three comments on Trusteer Rapport are negative, including the software identifying USAA as an unprotected website, I bailed out of the installation. USAA or Trusteer Rapport need to respond to negative comments.


GMC Guy, we encourage you to check the minimum system requirements at before you attempt to install Trusteer Rapport.  You can also get more information at

by DJMcSr ‎07-31-2014 09:58 AM

I just installed Trusteer and I can't tell if it is working--they say I sould see a green icon on the address bar at the end where I can refresh--nothing, doesn't show at all even after I close the computer and opened it up again.  It doesn't show up in my start menu but does show up as an installed program when I run C Cleaner.  Can you give me some guidance?


by sugarbooger1972 ‎08-13-2014 02:59 PM
Well, I am certainly glad that I read member's comments before downloading Trusteer Rapport software! It looks like it has a lot of problems & messes with members computers. So why would I want to download it? I am not a computer geek & I do not want to have to get one of their software people trying to tell me how to do "additional configuration" in order for it to work with my system. I would be totally lost & have no idea what they were talking about to me! So, thanks USAA, but no thanks. This offer looks like it is a loser. I expect better from you! I will stick to my current anti-viral program (installed by Best Buy) & my internet protection program that I got through Microsoft.
by 199thLIB ‎08-16-2014 07:24 AM
The tone of the above comments are very similar to the tone of the hundreds of USAA members' comments posted on the recent USAA Financial Report. As a 50 year member, it pains me to say, "USAA, you are slipping." At the current rate, you are fast becoming another impersonal, out of touch, corporate behemoth. You are joining the race with the airlines, cable companies, and national banks to see who hits bottom 1st!
by Cap10Pat ‎08-17-2014 06:42 AM

I am concerned about the tone of the responses to some of these comments. They seem to place the blame on the user's computer having an "issue".  As a user, I would say this application is having an "issue" with the users' computers.

by Frau G ‎08-26-2014 01:48 PM

I was getting ready to download the software, but was unable to find the download button.  I am glad, because reading all of the issues that other users are having means I won't be downloading.  The issue is with the software, not the computers.  If you want people to use a software there shouldn't be any tweeking necessary unless your system is advanced and then the user would know how to tweek.

by Tom94041 ‎09-08-2014 07:12 PM
No problems here. Run on three systems, Win 7 Pro, Win 7 Home and Win 8.1. Standard configuration worked fine on all three.
by rrrcryst2 ‎09-08-2014 07:37 PM

I just learned about the software Trusteer Rapport supplied by USAA.  I currently use Kaspersky Internet Security which has a special app called Safe Money. Safe Money provides a protected browser whe you connect to your bank. My question is how does Trusteer  Rapport compare with safe money. Is it better or does it do other things. I currently have Safe Money on both my WIN7.1 and WIN 8.1 computers and it works well. I do need to upgrade my wife's WIN 7.1 computer to such a product. Please advise.


by Walter Wright ‎09-09-2014 08:47 AM

We have been using TR supplied by USAA on three separate machines for at least several months with no issues.

Trusteer protects multimple web sites for us other than USAA.  It is as easy as clicking the little green tab with the arrow.  Another layer of protection is always reassuring.  Besides anti-viral with firewall, anti-malware, a good router, regular updates on our software, etc, etc, ....we monitor all our accounts (banking, investments, credit cards) almost daily.  It gets to be a routine and only takes a few minutes.  By the way, I love the two step verification for USAA and G Mail.

One final suggestion: we have a security freeze with all three credit agencies.  This is a little more complicated since you have to send your request in writing.  (This has worked well for us since 2007.)  We are unable to open any new accounts that require a credit check unless we notify one or more of the big three credit agencies and use our secret PIN.  Once we lift the freeze for a specified period, then and only then can our credit be verified for a new credit card, bank account, or loan.  Incidently, a couple of the credit agencies do charge a few bucks to temporarily lift the freeze.  The freeze is not for everyone. If you need lots of credit checks in your life, it may not work for you.  But again, this is just another layer of security. 

Do we sound a bit paranoid??

You betcha!!


by swan21 ‎09-10-2014 10:14 AM

My husband is a computer systems analyst. He was unsuccessful at making the two-step verification from Trusteer Rapport work, even after consulting with USAA tech support and TR support. The only suggestion TR made was that perhaps we should permanently remove our firewall (!)

by Shadowfax ‎09-11-2014 10:27 AM

I would like more protection, and am certainly not a computer wiz.  But I too am concerned about downloading something on my computer if it will slow down or not work properly on my older XP....confused and need further input????

by Waryy ‎12-11-2014 09:23 PM


"Trusteer Rapport, a software package whose installation is promoted by several major banks as an anti-fraud tool, has recently been acquired by IBM and has an updated EULA. Among other things, the new EULA includes this gem: "In addition, You authorize personnel of IBM, as Your Sponsoring Enterprise's data processor, to use the Program remotely to collect any files or other information from your computer that IBM security experts suspect may be related to malware or other malicious activity, or that may be associated with general Program malfunction."'


Source: or do a search for it. 


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