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More than 20 million veterans live in the United States today. That’s 1 in 16 Americans, or 6 percent of the population. These vets are heroes among us. They are our friends and loved ones, and many are our members.


Veterans Day, which falls on Sunday, Nov. 11 and will also be observed on Monday, Nov. 12, is a time to celebrate these men and women – both for the service that unites them and the stories that make each of their military experiences unique.


“Sharing our deep appreciation and strong respect for Veterans not only aligns with our USAA mission and Brand Promise, but also allows us to better understand and support our members,” says retired Vice Adm. John Bird, Senior Vice President of Military Affairs“However it goes further. Celebrating our living veterans encourages their personal stories about how and why they served, which helps to educate present and future generations about their service to our country.”


USAA wants to help build an even more vibrant national conversation about veterans. That’s why, this Veteran’s Day, USAA is launching a campaign to raise awareness and salute our living veterans by inviting Americans to take an easy, yet meaningful, action to honor them via social media. Anyone can participate by taking the following steps:


  • Draw a “V” on your hand.
  • Draw the initials of a veteran you’d like to celebrate in the center of the “V.”
  • Take a picture of it.
  • Share it on any social media channel now through Veterans Day with the hashtag #HonorThroughAction

“We hope to encourage veterans to share their stories about how and why they served, to educate others about the honor associated with protecting our country,” says CEO Stuart Parker. “Military appreciation is an important part of our mission.” 


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