Can someone please provide an update on when the USAA Atlanta Branch in Buckhead is scheduled to open?


Someone else may be more qualified to answer this but I am unaware of any branches opening as a bank for USAA outside of Texas.  There is a financial center for USAA in Buckhead but it is for high end customers and business, if I am not mistaken.  Most USAA business for regular customers is done on line or by phone.  USAA also provides use of many ATM machines where you will be reimbursed in a few days for any fees the physical bank charges (limitations apply).


USAA site only has Fall of 2015.  One of the community moderators may be able to find out more information for you.




From the picture posted, I notice it does not appear to be a full service bank.  You can open accounts and it says deposit and withdraw at on site ATMs.  That tells me, no tellers.


Looking into it! Will update this thread when I have a response!

Thanks for posting!

Hi Tbque,

The Atlanta branch will actually be opening 1st quarter of 2016. Thank you.

opens 3/28/2016

now open!!!  Yahoo!   15 july 2016

And closed in April of 2017. ATL is a tough market.

The problem is that they moved into a high rent district.  USAA's stereotypical member avoids places like this.