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Failing to meet Expectations

Mar 8, 2017

Not sure if anyone is going to read this or response but I though I would give it a try anyway. My wife and I recently PCSed from ...

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USAA Social Service
charltonkj, We recognize the seriousness of this matter. This is not the type of experience we want for our members att...


Dec 15, 2015

It's hard to move its paid for but you have you have things that get broken

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Angela Caban USAA
Hi Steph78, welcome to the Community!

PCS to Ft Lee, Va

Nov 1, 2015

We are dual military, SFC's, PCSing from Germany to Ft Lee this month. We have a 3, 7, 16 and 17 yr old. Preschool-High School; fo...

Car Insurance

Aug 5, 2015

My husband and I were at Fort Benning, GA for just over a year. While there we both registered our cars in GA (we now have GA plat...

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Briana Hartzell USAA
Dear lweskamp, This depends! Which state do you claim permanent residency? Beaucse of the Military Residency relief act...
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Iweskamp, I would recommend contacting the legal office on Fort Campbell. They are a better source for this type of inf...

Military Move

Jul 24, 2015

My experience with the whole moving out of state wasn't so good because ei had to move everything myself. I didn't know anything a...

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Angela Caban USAA
Mey, Yikes! That sounds so very frustrating, I hope you get settled quickly and like your new town. Best of luck to you...

South Korea

Jun 5, 2015

I recently deployed to South Korea. I have a Korean phone now and absolutely every number I have tried to call usaa on is restrict...

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Briana Hartzell USAA
K7Blaine, Please email us here at with your member number and your Korean contact information and ...
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You should try and send them a note via your account "My Messages" tab. That is a secure means of messaging them. They ...

Relocating to Kirtland AFB?

May 16, 2015

Relocating to Kirtland AFB? Check out 4 bedroom home in Albuquerque with lots of living space! Rela...


Mar 31, 2015

So USAA is known for paying they members a day early what about if you move to another country does that still apply

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USAA Social Service
Jjaammaall, The availability of your direct deposit is dependent on when your company processes their payroll. We post ...
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USAA Social Service
Hello Brahma. We encourage you to call and speak to one of our claims adjusters to answer this question. They are exper...

PCSing with Debt

Mar 22, 2015

I just got an AGR assignment and the Army is moving my famliy to Illiinois, just outside of Chicago.I have a good amount of debt a...

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Talk to a realtor around here. I live across the border in WI. It's a little bit cheaper to rent here than in Illinois....
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Jeff 123
When I was stationed in Great Lakes I took housing at Ft Sheridan. It is south of GL and was cheaper than renting.

My pension

Dec 23, 2014

im starting collecting pension at 55 years old, I'm 53 and a half now. I want to buy our own 2/2 condo in my same neighborhood, si...

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