PCSing with Debt

I just got an AGR assignment and the Army is moving my famliy to Illiinois, just outside of Chicago.I have a good amount of debt a...

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Talk to a realtor around here. I live across the border in WI. It's a little bit cheaper to rent here than in Illinois....
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Jeff 123
When I was stationed in Great Lakes I took housing at Ft Sheridan. It is south of GL and was cheaper than renting.

My pension

im starting collecting pension at 55 years old, I'm 53 and a half now. I want to buy our own 2/2 condo in my same neighborhood, si...

Are you PCSing to San Diego?

I'm a Realtor with Century 21 Award. If you need help in finding a home to buy or rent please contact me. I can help. I'm a Certif...

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San Diego-Realtor
I would love to help. Please contact me. I am a USAA preferred Agent.
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San Diego-Realtor
Hello you can call me at (619)565-0125 or email me at edna@mitchellrealtygroup.com. I hope to be able to help you I the...

USAA's Top Military Communities

USAA’s Top Military Communities include: Fayetteville, NC, Killeen, TX, Norfolk, VA, San Diego, CA and Washington, DC. Tell us abo...

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Here is a link to the article with the details about each location!    

Attention to Detail

Ive been a USAA member for 5 years and I have to say my recent experience has been very frustrating. I currently just made it to m...

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Thank you for taking the time to share your concerns about your experience ordering a new debit card. Please contact on...

PCSing to Hawaii

I am PCSing to Hawaii this summer. Does anyone have any recommendations for neighborhoods to live in?

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Ok disclosure, I am a Air Force Reservist/Real Estate Agent. I hope this simply explains how living on base espcailly i...
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If you do live off post, consider the traffic patterns for commuting. If you're at Ft Shafter or Tripler, then I wouldn...

Military movers

What would be the best route to claim broken items that TMO movers broke? Could I use renters insurance? Many of our things were b...

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First question, who packed the item? You are responsible for what you pack, so make sure the mover packs everything. Se...
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I was patient when filing through TMO and it paid off bigtime. They "forgot about my claim" but when I pointed it out t...

Saving Money!! :-)

USAA reduced our interest rate for 1 year when they heard we would be transferring to a new duty station!! Woot, Woot!

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I agree!
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Yes, this is a hidden gem of USAA that should be more widely publicized to its members.


We recently received news we are due to PCS December 2012 to Elmendorf, Alaska. We are newlywed since April 2012, and my husband i...

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We just did this back in october my husband was stationed in AK and they shipped his things from there and my remaining...
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It all depends on what the orders state. If the orders state there are two pick up locations, as is often the case when...

What are YOUR TIPS for working with the movers?

At Army Wife Network we get all sorts of moving questions. It inspires us to create pages of resources & even columns written on t...

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My fiance and I are hard pressed with what we need to do before we move... He's still in AIT so TRADOC is shuffling the...
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I have moved over 15 times in our 18 years in the military. Being prior service myself I have really learned to be orga...