USAA Mobile App (v.8.37.3) Erroneously Reports Phone is Rooted and Disables Itself


Hello. I have a Galaxy S9+ (SM-G965U) with stock firmware (Android 8.0.0). Software Update shows the phone is updated as of 4/24/18 @1:05 am PT. The phone has Norton Mobile Security that reports No Malware Detected as of 4/24/18 @1:06 am PT. I have confirmed the phone is not rooted by running three root checking apps (Root Checker, SuperSU, and  Root and SafetyNet Checker). All report the device is not rooted and that it is compliant with SafetyNet. Knox Status shows 0x0. Google Play settings shows Device Certification as "Certified."  I have installed USAA Mobile App (8.37.3). Until this morning, I was able to use the USAA Mobile App. For no reason the app crashed and when it came back up, it displayed a dialog box titled "Error" with the following text: "Your device appears to be rooted. For security reasons, the USAA Mobile App has been disabled. Please restore your device to its factory settings or use" My only option is "close." I have uninstalled, rebooted and reinstalled the app and encountered the same error and disabled app condition. I have never encountered this before and the app has worked well for me. What have you done, USAA, to mess this up for your customers? I understand the need for security but making something so secure that legitimate users are randomly locked out is bad coding and bad business. I painstakingly gathered the above information to help you rule out obvious issues and hopefully hone in on actual causes, and I would appreciate an equally robust effort to thoroughly check into this problem and provide a response and ideally a fix.  Thank you.

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Thanks for reaching out. We understand that not being able to access the USAA Mobile App can be frustrating. We’re committed to providing you the best experience while ensuring your financial information is secure. While the decision to root a device is entirely up to the end user, USAA can’t put our app on a device that puts the larger membership at risk. We are focused on system-wide security to protect all members and the association. Cybercrime is an unfortunate reality in today’s environment, and it is a shared responsibility to fight this battle together. Should our members decide to continue using a rooted device for their personal needs, we recommend using to manage their accounts. -Cynthia

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@Annoyed_User, I'm sorry for any frustration you may have experienced. Please contact our Technical Support at 877-632-3002 for further assistance and troubleshooting. Tricia

Same thing is happening to me as of last night. This has been reported before, it needs to be fixed.

@Bob Katt Thank you for reaching out. I have seen that this helps resolve the issue, Clear history/cookies/cache & without using a favorite or shortcut/bookmark, or search engine, enter in address bar. If you are using the mobile app please uninstall/reinstall the app.


If you continue to have issues please call 1-877-632-3002& when prompted say "technical support" ~Michelle

Of course this is the app, not the mobile site. I just talked to someone at technical support and they first tried to tell me that my phone is running android 6.0.1 which isn't supported. I told them that they weren't listening to me and that I just upgraded my phone because you guys stopped supporting 5.0

After telling them they were wrong they made a ticket for me. Have another phone that is also not rooted, it's running 6.0.1 and it works fine.

This was working for me on both phones as of 9pm last night.

Please get this fixed so I don't have to keep switching phones to use the app.

Thank you for this update @Bob Katt. If a ticket has been opened already we will work on researching what could be causing this issue for you. I do apologize once again for this. -Colleen

I still haven't heard from anyone about the "ticket" that was created.

Now my other phone, which is also not rooted, is having the exact same problem.

Whatever you guys are doing to fix the problem is only making it worse.

How can you keep ignoring so many people who are having the same issue?

Hello Bob. I'm so sorry to hear you are still experiencing issues with your phone and have not received a follow-up on a ticket that was created for you. To properly assist you with both of your concerns please contact our Website Support Team at 877-632-3002 and when prompted say "technical support". Our Website Support Team will have the most current information to address the concern with your phone and the mobile app. We can also provide you with an update for your ticket. Thank you!

Uninstalling and reinstalling does not work on my S7 Edge

Dirty_s197 - Sorry to hear you are having difficulty. Please call our technical team at 877-632-3002 and say "technical support" at the prompt. Thanks, Jason