Sandy V

Apparently there was some kind of update to the mobile app recently as I can no longer access it as it says 'this version is not compatible with your device.'

I have a Samsung Galaxy 4... I know is not the newest phone but it would be extremely nice if the USAA app update wouldn't exclude those of us that can't afford to keep up as quickly with the latest technology.

Thank you for any assistance on this matter in advance. I use the app daily.


I am having the exact same problem!

I too am having the same problem. My phone is running Android 4.4.

Same here.  What gives, USAA?  Fwiw, using a Samsung Lite Galaxy.

Same here, I'm using a Galaxy S3. again, not the newest phone but it ran the app fine until yesterday. Could USAA not release version of the app that will run on older phones?

Spoke with Tech Support for USAA.  Apparently the change that's hitting some of us hard was done within the past couple days.  Androids must be 4.4 or higher for the Mobile App to work on the smartphones.  SOAB   Nope, not going to upgrade my phone - on my Sister's plan so I don't control it.  Who knows, maybe it will act up and need replacement  and none of this model will be available.  HA

I have Samsung 8s, and still NOT updating. WTF USAA, or is it even USAA or a hack?? 🤔🙄😖🤭👎🤬

I am having the same difficulty.  I hope this issue is addressed ASAP!  If I'm not able to utilize mobile deposit I will need to move my account to somewhere more convenient.  This is so frustrating!  It was working one day, not compatible the next....and zero notification from USAA.

SAME HERE, OUR PHONES ARE GALAXY S3's... use deposit mobile very often, now we have to use the scanner and the computer to deposit... Hopefully it gets fixed...

Thank you all  for your posts regarding the difficulties you are encountering with using the mobile app.


We understand the importance of accessing your accounts with ease and we apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you. Per our December update, the latest operating system needed to run the USAA Mobile app is Android 4.4 or iPhone version 8.


As a workaround you may access through your phone's Internet browser. Additionally, we have submitted your feedback to our IT team for further review. We continually look for ways to improve the website and its features and your feedback helps us to do so. We appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts with us.