My first and Only Complaint: Unresolved Technical Support


Good afternoon,


I have been banking with USAA over 10 years and I have friends who work at other departments of USAA. I have always held USAA in the highest regard and I go out of my way to reccomend them to my co-workers and contacts, however today they really disappointed me. It wasn't an indivudal but several representatives.


I wanted to contact a customer complaint department but this was the closet thing I could find.  I was very disappointed today when I called USAA to help me set up the ability to use external bill pay for my fiance on either the USAA website or App. and I was repeatadly told that the representative had no idea why it wasn't working.  I myself am currently employed in the banking industry and I have a background in technical support and even ACH and bill pay processing and therefore am confident this is not a matter of miscommunication.  The website prompted my fiance to complete 2 simple steps and then wait for 12 hours. We completed the process on 11/16/2018 and figuring the approval process may require a human hand we waited just over 36 hours.  Upon accessesing bill pay on the computer (Of which I do via my account monthly) we were not given the ability to utilize bill pay and then again we were prompted to complete the 2 step process.  


I called USAA and was sent to technical support. I explained the situation just as I have above and I was transferred to website support.Website support had no idea and then transferred me to someone named Mandy who spoke with me about portals and other non customer friendly technical terms who finally conceded by saying she could transfer me to Bill-Pay support. Bill-pay support ended up being website support who then told me they needed to transfer be back to technical support. I had to re-explain the situation every time I was transferred, each time the rep said they did not know, and then transffered me again.


I have already given up resolving the issue and my fiance is simply going to continue to bank with Suntrust.  I bragged about USAA to my fiance and after months of nagging finally convinced her to switch from Suntrust to USAA and then USAA let me down, made themselves and myself look like fools. I am very disappointed in USAA today.


Thank you for your time.

Donald J Hoyt





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@DonaldJoeHoyt, we are sadden to read your message regarding the web bill payment for your fiancé.  I will certainly have an account expert review this matter. Once the review has been completed, we will conduct a follow up with you.


@DonaldJoeHoyt, we are sadden to read your message regarding the web bill payment for your fiancé.  I will certainly have an account expert review this matter. Once the review has been completed, we will conduct a follow up with you.

Sorry to hear the issues you went through , sadly to say I also have had some issues I tried to open a checking account an was told they couldn't help me . So I opened one some where else . I've also been told info an then later told it was wrong an they couldn't help me. I dont understand how I can be told one thing then the phone call gets disconnected an I call back an its diff makes no sense. Hope things get better for you .

Oh no @Carebear34, that is not how we want our members to feel. Can you give more details on what is going on? I would like to get this reviewed. -Emily

I've been with usaa for many years now the day that I spoke with yesterday sd it was 3 years but I show that it's been longer. I tried to open a checking account about 2 years ago an was told I was denied, that there was some kind of consumer report that they couldn't give me info about an I didn't know how to fix it an they wouldn't help me figure what was wrong, so we ended up going somewhere else. I wanted to sign up for direct deposit because I was trying to set everything up w usaa . Then just recently I was in an accident an I've been having a really hard time getting everything take care of properly an have been getting told diff info from one customer service rep then the next person tells me something totally diff an it's hard to take care of things when your getting told diff info . I just lost my ins because they wont set me up on auto pay an want me to pay in full which the person I spoke w before sd i could do auto pay. Just alot of ups an downs.

@Carebear34 I am sorry to hear you're having issues regarding your claim. I have sent your concerns to a subject matter expert to review and they will be contacting you in the next 1 to 2 business days.

I have had USAA 36 years. In that time I have nothing but good experiences with USAA. Even when I didn't like what I was being told, they were always professional. I don't want to down play your experience. But in my life, I have learned that you can't please everyone, and definitely not everytime. But, I'm going to go out on the limb and say you have had nothing but good experiences with USAA till this one. I think I'm only hearing part of the story.