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Well the first week of this month I suddenly started getting toast messages about the app being modified or corrupted. After several discussions with tech support and being told USAA is no longer supporting rooted Android or jailbroken iPhones they gave me work around and it works! so here it is: Fixed! This from USAA customer support. 1-uninstall app, 2-in a web browser on your device Google search: and select the official site. 3-log on. 4-near the bottom of the page, select 'go to mobile APP (not mobile SITE), 5-when it tried to install app, select install from browser (not play store), 6-log on. It worked for me multiple loggons and reboots. I got the impression this won't work for all users so your mileage may vary! Notice I'm making this post a couple of weeks later and my mobile app is still working fine. So good luck!

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Thanks for reaching out, @dontwantanickname1. We understand that not being able to access the USAA Mobile App can be frustrating. We’re committed to providing you the best experience while ensuring your financial information is secure. While the decision to root a device is entirely up to the end user, USAA can’t put our app on a device that puts the larger membership at risk. We are focused on system-wide security to protect all members and the association. Cybercrime is an unfortunate reality in today’s environment, and it is a shared responsibility to fight this battle together. Should our members decide to continue using a rooted device for their personal needs, we recommend using to manage their accounts. -Cynthia



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Thank you for taking the time to share your workaround tip! - Darrell

It looks like this might no longer work. When I tried doing this I am not getting the option to down load from internet all o am getting from usaa is the Google store option.

@Ag1979, thanks for your post. Our Technical Support team is currently available to answer questions and they can be reached at 877-632-3002. -Paula

I was greated with the pop-up saying my phone might be rooted (Pixel XL). I've been using the app with no issues for over a year. My phone is not and has not been rooted ever. The app is my primary interaction with USAA and hopefully they get this worked out quickly.

@JCarson, I appreciate you sharing your concerns with us. Our Website Support team may be able to further troubleshoot this issue for you. When ready, you may contact them 24/7 at 1-877-632-3002. When prompted say "technical support"  -- Thanks! ~ Stacy

My phone is doing the exact same thing. I have used this app for years. Why is this preventing me from depositing my paycheck!!!

@BigALBrown, I know how important it is to deposit your paycheck as soon as possible without any issues. Please contact our Website Support Team at 877-632-3002 and when prompted say "technical support." A specialist can help with troubleshooting. Thank you! -Cynthia

I do Android development as part of my job and as such I use my mobile phone for development. In the course of my job I've had to root my phone. There are certainly valid reasons why it would be important to let users know that their phone has been rooted because this can be a security concern. If their phone is rooted however, preventing use of the mobile app doesn't fix anything since malware can simply sniff the browser traffic. Instead of blocking use of the mobile app on rooted phones, why not just throw up a warning letting the user know that his or her phone is rooted. Users who did not intend to root their mobile phone and who may have their phone compromised will now know that they've been compromised and they shouldn't use the app or the browser on their phone for sensitive traffic. Users who have deliberately rooted their phones won't have this concern. With this, you will have prevented actual security problems while allowing Advanced users to use their phones the way they are accustomed.

Thank you for your post @SlimW which we have shared with the appropriate area. ~ Joseph