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I was pleased when, several years ago, you guys created the ability to aggregate accounts. I moved everything off of for that reason. The other reason was b/c they were bought by intuit. Never know how things are going to go when cool companies are bought by lumbering giants.


I've subsequently moved back to Mint so that I can quickly and easily look at my monthly budget across all my credit cards and financial accounts. They do a very good job of collecting all that data and pooling it. I find it difficult to manage my budget from b/c I can only see my monthly spending when I click into each account. That's cumbersome at best.


Granted, I think the USAA website is great (except for finding and using the Community pages), but there is always room for improvement.


Honestly, I wish you guys would basically copy what they're doing (so I could move my budgeting back to You've got a new IT office in Plano so it seems like you guys are staffing up. I'm sure you guys could find some designers and tech geniuses to come up w/ a new way to aggregate all data and display on a dashboard...


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If I can piggy back off the previous post since were discussing mint...  I would really like to use USAA to track my expenses however USAA lacks the abilitity to divide one payment into multiple expense categories.  If I go to Walmart and buy some groceries and get the kids some new cloths then thats two different expense categories I'm tracking.  I need the ability to divide that purchase into multiple expnse buckets but unfortunately you can't do this with USAA.  Mint however does have this functionality.  I requested this several years ago but to no avail.  This seems like a basic requirement for an expense tracking tool so I don't understand why USAA has continued to ignore it.  Can someone from USAA tell me if this is any where on the list for future enhancements.  Thanks


Thank you for your comment and suggestion regarding the budget tool. 


I will pass your feedback through to the appropriate department. Please email us your member number and concerns to [Removed Link]

Since USAA has changed it's budgeting tool without notifying anyone it was coming, it is terrible and does not work - at all.  I can't save my progress as I update my spending.  I HAVE to match my spending to my monthly income which does NOT conform to reality.  I am closing my accounts slowly until this gets resolved, if in time.


Very upset and disappointed.

The one thing I really need is a bar chart, then I could replace Mint completely. Here's a picture of it below - 



Thank you for your feedback. I will pass it through to the appropriate department.

Tara - It would be nice If all this passing info along resulted in results for customers. Not your fault but usaa has lost that loving feeling. Banking is banking I guess

anonymouse 12-1,

I read your reply to me and reached out again to the department that handles this. They are listening and hearing your (everyone's) comments and they wish to assure you that the project teams are looking to incorporate member feedback into future iterations of the tools. 



Mrs. Crooks,


Lately Mint hasn't been working with my USAA account and I've seen grumblings from others as of late.  Please forward this issue to the appropriate dept.  I started using ~7 years ago when it was suggested by an article in USAA magazine.  It's a big part of our financial success, and yes, despite my satisfaction over 20+ years with USAA's banking service, I will change bank accounts to keep using Mint if the connectivity issues are not fixed soon!


I have forwarded your response/concerns. Thank you for sharing.