Got message about using “rewards service center” but can’t find it.


I have the same question.  Been searching for the past 15 minutes

Hello @GOASU90, our rewards center can be reached at 800-980-8722. ~ Samantha 

Spent a few minutes searching for the "USAA Rewards Service Center" because it was specifically referred to in the Terms and Conditions for Credit Card Rewards. The 800 # is also referred to, but is there no online version whatsoever?

Hello @Boondoggler, to confirm were you trying to redeem rewards? -Emily

No, I was not trying to redeem points.  I was comparing USAA credit cards to other credit cards.  I currently have several USAA credit cards, but none of them have Rewards.

Oh I see, thank you for sharing those additional details. I'd like to review this with you in regards to the type of cards that you have. In order to best serve you for this specific request/issue, please connect with the USAA team via chat on USAA.com or on our mobile app. You can reach us by going to contact us>Ask about credit or debit card>I want to talk with someone about my credit card then select 'chat'. I hope these details are helpful, have a good evening. -Emily

@Boondoggler, I wanted to follow up and see if you were still needing any help? -Emily

Emily, yes, can you refer me to on online Rewards resource? 

You can compare the credit cards reward program on USAA.com under 'products' and 'credit cards'. However if you mentioned you do not see any rewards currently we can chat with you to discuss the type of cards that you have. I hope this is helpful, have a good evening.