Full ability to change categories / split transactions


I appreciate USAA moving towards a fully functional budgeting too...2 main points. It is not helpful unless one can make any and all changes to all levels of categories. 2nd - splitting transactions into more than one category is also required. These are 2 basic features that have been around for years on all good budgeting software. Again, I look forward (hopefully sometime soon) that I can actually use USAA for my budget.





Thank you! Your comments about the categorization and the ability to split transactions has been sent to the My Budget team. Keep the great ideas coming!


You can follow this conversation for the most up to date news about the progress being made on My Budget. Thanks!

I whole-heartedly agree with this.  I was just adding some written check transactions and really needed to do some split categories, plus I wanted to add a sub-category while adding these transactione and was not given this option; as a matter of fact, after I exited the "Add a Transaction" I went to add the sub category but am not able to find that option right away. "Search" turned up this message which was very informative but didn't solve my problem..  Hopefully after I post this message I will be able to find the "Add a Category" option.




I agree.  As we continue to try to simplify our budgeting and give all of us access to each budget category balance maintaining an accurate balance is essential.  I don't only need the ability to split transactions but once we can set up the budget to be bi-weeky we will be able to skip all of the laborious steps we go thru now (downloading to quicken, tracking in excel, putting into "envelopes" and loading into Good budget.  If USAA just added these couple features we'd be on board.  Thank you

Yes, I love that there is the ability within USAA online to budget and track spending, and I really want to use this tool. I can't, however, if there is no option to split transactions. Specifically, Target and Costco are two places where multiple items are purchased within different categories. It's impossible to budget if the entire amount spent at Target or Costco goes to simply "general merchandise" or "groceries". A split transaction option is REALLY necessary. 


Thank you! 

I agree, but I would also like to be able to create my own categories to distinguish between household members' paychecks.

I know I'm a little late to this conversation, but I also 100% agree with the original post.  I would love to make more use of the Budgeting Tool inside USAA's website and mobile apps, but to really do that, I need to be able to fully customize the categories and split transactions amongst multiple categories.  I think the budget tool available now is an excellent start, but it definitely needs these two improvements.



I 100% agree with the request for split transaction capabilities.  My wife and I are almost to the point where we can completely rely on the Budget Tracking in USAA's app, but we need to be able to split transactions for some of the more complicated transfers we have and purchases at stores which may included multiple categories.


Thanks for the great work so far!

I have not been on this thread before but have requested "split Category capability" previously on others. I agree the splitting is imperative  especially with purchases at Sam's, Walmart, Sears etc. where numerous categories are on one debit/ticket.




So are they working on this or not?