Connecting Mint to USAA with Two Factor Authentication

How has their not been a bigger push for this to become a simpler process of tying these accounts together. There are like 1,000 different forum posts I've been able to find on this all over the place with people becoming increasingly upset by the matter. I've seen the "thank you for your feedback, we are working on it" response left and right but no actual solid like "we're getting close to implementing this" or anything. 


It sounded like the correct way of doing this is being looked into before, by allowing for a generated "Access Code" type thing to be used within Mint just for the sake of getting into your account to read-only grab the necessary information, but how long could that possibly take to implement, years upon years? I see other providers throwing these functions out pretty much on-demand when people show how valuable this would be towards them.


Also, no need for the typical "thanks for your feedback" message, just kind of wanted to press the matter and hopefully we can see some improvement soon.

Archer23 - We appreciate the post and your enthusiasm. Technical issues are best addressed with our Website Customer Support team. Please give them a call at 877-632-3002 and say "technical support" at the prompt. They are available to help 24/7. Thanks, Jason

Personal Capital works with USAA MFA security, it just ask for a new token to update data, so I don't see why it can't work like that with Mint.

You can use Mint with USAA if you turn off 2FA or MFA. Using the pin method it will let you sync up. This is unacceptable. With the new Equifax craptastic fest, many of us are now needing to up our security more than ever. USAA, your tools are almost usable enough to replace Mint (for me personally), but still laking quite a bit. I still can't get my 401k to sync up with USAA where it goes right into Mint. I had a ticket on that open with USAA, but I'm sure it has fallen to the way side as I haven't heard anyhting back for over a year....


USAA customer service is top notch! USAA tech support is lacking something awful. I have been following this for a long long time wanting to turn MFA back on as a Mint user, but I think the end of the day its basically USAA isn't willing to work with Mint to get this working. Mint has nothing to lose and everything to gain to make this work, where I think USAA doesn't feel this is worth their time...


Dear USAA, what 3rd party financial tools do you work with? I'd love it if you got your own site to work well enough for me to to dump Mint or another site like it, but you have a ways to go still with no progress movement that I can see. So I'll be forced to continue to use a 3rd party for now. 

Nick E. - We appreciate your suggestions and tips regarding Mint. USAA supports Quicken as well as our own Financial Tools. Thanks for joining the conversation. - Jason

-1 to the ongoing refusal by USAA to support Mint.


+1 for supporting or at least providing the actual reason why, at a minumum, more than three years after this feature was originally requested, there's still no explanation or movement forward.

Dear chrismessina,


I understand your concern about support. There are no plans to do so at this time. The main reason is  security. We can not guarantee security when using a third-party application. We continue to collect feedback. Thanks for sharing. - Jesse

I can't believe this was dropped. It doesn't make sense that Quicken can be used as a thrid-party application, but Mint cannot. Sounds like USAA is picking favorites.

There should be a way that I can add third-party apps without having to turn off two-factor authentication and compromis my account security. 

In addition to Mint, it would be superb if YNAB (You Need A Budget) could connect to USAA with two-factor authentication enabled. YNAB is by far the best budgeting tool available. It works great synching up without 2FA, but with it, forget it. Manually entering records is labor intensive, of course. 

USAA needs to figure out a secure way to play nice with others. 

@Seykick, thank you for your feedback on how we can improve You Need A Budget. I have forwarded this to our team that reviews members feedback such as this and implement any changes that would benefit our members. -Colleen