Connecting Mint to USAA with Two Factor Authentication

gl0b0 - We always seek to improve security measures to protect our members’ private information. Some changes may prevent some external aggregators, like Mint, from accessing our members’ banking data. We are working with Mint to use a unique code tied to your account in order to access your banking data instead of allowing them to access your logon credentials, such as your online ID, password, PIN and your security questions. Along with others in the banking industry, periodic updates to our security practices may delay Mint and other service providers access to information when you try to connect to your accounts through them. - Shane

I am all for security, Shane. I hope soon there can be a way to connect the two. Some of the tools on this site are excellent and do about the same thing, but not as intuitive as Mint. I am trying to pay down some massive debt and would like to get a full picture of the best financial strategy. Thank you for the explanation.

Shane, thanks for the info and that makes sense.  Do you have a timeline?  From internet searches it seems that this has impacted a lot of members.

gl0b0 - At this time there are no specific timelines. These are high level issues and they are being dealt with accordingly. I realize how important these matters are and I appreciate your time. Please continue to check back. Thank You! - Shane

I 2nd the need for fixing this with mint(intuit)... I switched over to USAA from my credit union, for this exact reason... and plan on switching to another bank if this isn't resolved. 

any update on this? very frustrating

Hi, mint user. Currently, we do not have any updates. We regret your frustration and will ensure to share your feedback. Thank you! -Cynthia

Looking back into the history of this on different threads, seems that this has been an issue since 2015. I believe customers have already left USAA because of this issue. Tools like Mint are the modern way people are balancing their finances. Its really a shame that such a technologically advanced bank has fallen so far behind in this area. USAA, you were absolute leaders in the online banking space but this is an area that is a black eye.


In addition, the complete lack of official statement around supportability of third party exte rnal systems like Mint over such a long period is an insult to your customer base looking for this functionality. The only reason not to provide an update or statement is that the bank is fearful that they will loose customers by providing a blanket "not supported and is not being worked on"


If work was being done, you should state that. I've read other statements dating back to early this year a new authenication method, but no timelines. Without a timeline, this is just "vaporware" support. 

USAA has been behind the times on this for a while now. I appreciate the security options that USAA offers, but the truth is many other banks are providing the same enhanced security options but somehow still making it straightforward for their users to connect with third party financial management tools. Most of the tools that USAA offers internally to its members are rudimentary and well behind the industry in terms of ease of use, robustness, analytics, interface, etc. So if USAA doesn't plan to up its game with its own money management tools, they really need to dedicate some effort to providing ways to securely connect to most third party apps. I've had to stop using several apps that were helpful to me because USAA changed its security settings and couldn't figure out how to get me re-linked even with enhanced security turned off. I'm tired of not being able to take advantage of the considerable innovation occurring in the fin-tech industry because most of my banking is with USAA.

longinator, I appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts regarding third party financial management tools. I will share your feedback with our banking team. We continually look to improve our products and services and your comments will help us do so. Thank you. - Ben