Connecting Mint to USAA with Two Factor Authentication

The solution did not work for me. I ensured that I am on computer recognition and that my computer is remembered. I still cannot add my USAA account to Mint. I will try on another computer later.

Talking with USAA tech support it sounds like they are working to shut down any connections with MINT and other budgeting apps that connect by using your username and password.  I was told it is due to security, but come on, there are tons of banks that have made this work by only allowing transaction downloads and even USAA works with a few paid services to allow downloads of transactions.  I think they are trying to funnel more people to their budgeting software, I've already spent hours trying to get it to work even close to mint, but it constantly crashes on me.  I even talked with USAA tech support and they entered a ticket, but looking back on the forums I see this has been a problem for years. 


If you want to continue to use mint long term you'll probably need to switch to a different bank.  I've been a member with USAA for 15 years, love thier customer service and banking services, but I need a budget program that works.  Any financial advisor would say get a budget figured out and track it.  Seems like USAA is shooting themselves in the foot.

@Budget needed, Thank you so much for reaching out about Mint. We would hate to lose you over this, I am forwarding this feedback now. ~Tom