Connecting Mint to USAA with Two Factor Authentication


I am trying to set up my Mint account to connect to my USAA account.  I have two factor authentication enabled on USAA.  When I go through the prompts in Mint to add my USAA account it asks which phone number to send the text code to, but when I select my cell phone, I NEVER get the text so I can't add the code on the next screen.  Anyone else have this issue or no how to fix it?  I will NOT desable two factor authentication as I had someone hack into my account before I enabled it.  Please help.





Hey there Spaceguy, for assistance with Mint, please contact our web support at 800-531-8722. We will be happy to speak with you to help get you going! Have a great weekend, Jen

Can you please publish the answer to the question here so everyone doesn't have to call? Many folks - including myself - have the same question.

I understand the frustration, mtnbkr1, however, each member's issue may be different when trying to link your Mint account. Our technical team are the only ones who can assist with troubleshooting any issues that are encountered, so we do ask for you to call our technical team for assistance. You can reach our technical team at 1-877-632-3002. When prompted say “technical support”. They are available 24/7 for assistance. - Cathleen


I called and was told Mint is not support. So no need to call. 

Dear USAA,
I've read through this entire thread begining from 2016. In those last 3 years, others have voiced the same concerns I have about Mint. Mint is an awesome tool and I use mint at minimum once a day, if not multiple times a day. But the inability to seamlessly and effortlessly link to USAA is the reason that I keep most of my money at another financial institution. Is this a protest? No. Do I consider this a complaint to USAA? No. I am just stating that the ability to connect with Mint comes into play when I select a bank. If my credit union and other banks stopped supporting Mint, I would move my money to a bank that will work with the method I have chosen (Mint) to manage my financial life.

So my reason for writing this is to state the following. If I am of the opinion that Mint compatibility is a make or break for me and I am taking 15 minutes out of my day to write to you how many others feel this way and just move their money without this level of explanation. I want to start utilizing the USAA products, but until Mint is a seamless process, I am keeping my money elsewhere.

I do completely understand the USAA has priorities and Mint is not the top of the priority list. Also I know this isn't an overnight fix and could take quite some time to resolve. I hope to hear of actual resolution or timeline, if either exist. I am sure others reading this thread would love to hear what our time table is here. Thanks!

Hello @BusinessEthic, multifactor authentication may prevent some third-party services from working as expected. We are working diligently to implement a solution that protects our members, and we expect to improve this experience this year.
Given the amount of personal information available through social media and external data breaches, stronger security is required.
USAA offers enhanced security (multifactor authentication) options that allow members to authenticate themselves with a combination of something they:
• Know: password, pin, quick logon
• Have: phone, token, code
• Are: biometrics, such as your fingerprint, facial or voice recognition

It is now September. When can we expect USAA and Nationstar Mortgage to get on the same page. I can synch all my USAA accounts to Mint except for my mortgage. This is ridiculous.

Technical support states that "Mint is not supported". They said you may be able to connect, but USAA will not provide support if you can't.

Same boat here.  Pretty annoying.