Just in the past week, I've been getting toast notifications, stating, "The application appears to have been modified or corrupted. For security reasons the application has been disabled." (I've not changed anything about the app and have the most recent version installed [v8. 24.7).) Has anyone else experienced this? How would one go about fixing this or where should I direct my issues...?


Signal_JACK, I'm sorry to learn that you are experiencing issues with the Android app. I recommend speaking with our website support department regarding these issues. Website support specialists can be reached by calling (877) 632-3003. Specialists are available seven days a week from 6:00 a.m. to midnight CT. ~Darcy

I got the same problem, clearing app data and uninstalling, reinstalling fixes it but only for 1 use once u close app or reset phone its corrupted agian.
I to have been experiencing this issue for about 5 days now. My android device does have a custom rom on it, which leads me to believe USAA added some sort of knox checksum into the most recent release it it ends up being a common thread that rooted phones are having this issue

J Grim, to best better assist you,  please contact our website support specialists by calling (877) 632-3003. Specialists are available seven days a week from 6:00 a.m. to midnight CT and can help with this issue. Thanks, Jen

Ditto this. After the first occurence, I re-installed the app, it worked right afterwards but after restarting my phone it went back to giving me this message. I'm gonna call the number I see the rep posted here, but I wanted to show here for the record that I'm experiencing the same issue.

Anyone resolve this? I'm having exactly the same problem, same symptoms, same fix attempts.

MyBank7439 - For best help with this issue, please call our technical team at 877-632-3002 and say "tech support" at the prompt. Thanks, Jason

What have the reps been saying when called? My experience is that depending on the person  and the particular time -you'll get very different answers, especially since all we are getting here is non-answers from reps.

Same issue. I haven't had time to call but reinstall works for one use and then app is disabled.