JIR, thanks for your patience.  We have replied to your previous post, please refer to this for an update.  Thank you, Jen.

Thank you again for your patience. All members should now be able to access their accounts on .com and mobile. Please let us know if you have any further issues - we are here to help! -Meredith

After five years and countless times, and after being a member for more than sixteen years.  I can say that the professionalism, customer service, and most of the other areas I have had dealings with USAA in, are truly the worst I have ever seen.  


I have been blocked on facebook for posting questions, I have been told numerous times, that even after my accounts continue to get frauded.  That USAA is working on the issues!  


I have never in my life gone throug this much hate and discontent where the customer should be taken care of only to have someone tell me we will stop the ATM/Debit card today and send you another one in three to five business days.  Well since it is a holiday, what that actually means in that it will be twelve days as the next monday/business day is September 11,2017.  


For a company that rely's on the profitts of the customer and the services we pay for and have used for in most cases up to fifty years and Since the inception of USAA in 1922, it is not far fetched to believe some have been here longer.  What is far fetched is that someone would put up with this kind of terrible service for that long.  


In short MR Ceo, your banking, customer service, guidelines for helping your customer SUCK LIKE NOTHING IN THE WORLD OF BANKING SHOULD.  


If that was not the case, then you would have at least one bad comment on any social media posted.  But since I posted this morning, and got over 100 hits on how terrible USAA was, the post has since been removed and I have been blocked from USAA contact on my facebook.  


This goes to show you just how terrible, worthless, un-customer service oriented your pocket book is and how truly deep it is at showing off just how much bull(*(*& we have to put up with as a customer.  


By the way, the word that may have offended some of your patsies that work for you has been blocked so that they do not get whatever parts would be upset at that instead of being upset that they cannot help your customers due to some sort of company guideline that says you cannot be upset at the trash customer service you ladies and gentlemen are so good at.