When I checked my accounts this morning, everything is gone. No Checking/Savings or credit card. What is going on here? Of course, y'all aren't open on Sunday, even for emergencies. What is going on? How are your systems so broken that you can straight up lose accounts? This needs to be fixed ASAP.


Having the same issue!

Yep - us too. I even called and the automated response said I have no accounts. 

Same here. Unbelievable!

Me too! My checking account and money are gone! I even called the number on the back of my debit card and the automated system says I have no accounts with USAA!
Went online this afternoon and message appear saying no accounts. Where is our money?
My accounts are also missing. husband went to deposit the check from his part time job. Very frustrating

so... whassup?

@walil65, Hello, do you have any questions about USAA products or services? We're happy to help! ~DC

So where are the answers to all these questions.  I just want to get to bill pay!!