When I checked my accounts this morning, everything is gone. No Checking/Savings or credit card. What is going on here? Of course, y'all aren't open on Sunday, even for emergencies. What is going on? How are your systems so broken that you can straight up lose accounts? This needs to be fixed ASAP.


Looking at our account information, and our accounts are not displaying at all. It's as if they didn't exist--no information can be found regarding them. Is anyone else experiencing the same issue?

Yes mine is gone too. All my banking and credit car info is gone, only my auto insurance appears. Have you found out what has happened?

Same thing -- I have only a credit card account, but it's not displaying. But it's not a website issue -- when I call in to get a balance, it tells me I have no accounts, so it's a data issue that's affecting both phone and website access. (Maybe they'll lose my balance and I won't have to pay them back. :) )

My checking and savings accounts are not showing up in the mobile app or the desktop website! No customer services available by phone on Sundays. Anyone else having this issue? VERY inconvenient!

Mine are not showing either. Super annoying.

I'm having the same issue! I'm hoping this is just a weekend update gone wrong. Needs to be fixed now!

Having the same issue!
Same issue!

Yep - us too. I even called and the automated response said I have no accounts.