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What happened to USAA?
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This is the place where you can share your experiences and connect with other members. Discuss the t...

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Why are USAA's Interest Rates so Low?

I'm looking at pulling money out of my accounts to earn more interest as USAA seems to be stuck in the last decade. Must be lucrative however to charge higher loan rates and minimal interest on savings and CDs.

accounts are not displaying on home page

The past 3 days when attempting to log on to website using Firefox, my accounts do not show up as they normally would. This appears to be specific to USAA as all other websites seem to be functioning normally.

Travel insurance quote link is broken

This may be old news, but the website links to "Get A Quote" for travel insurance are broken.Both links do a redirect to an 'Intride' page for shopping (hotels, cars, flowers, etc.) not a travel insurance quote...

50 year bumper sticker

Would you please send me another 50-yr member sticker? I got a new car. Thanks!

Renters insurance

Ive called spoke with three different people to cancel account because i have a account with cheaper rates elsewhere also sent documents proving i had said insurance “cause in Florida you cant just cancel” ; got a notification (month later)there need...

USAA Visa/Quicken

Shocker but my usaa visa isn't downloading into quicken, isn't recognized by quicken, and doesn't even show up if I try to add a new usaa account. 36+ year usaa customer and I'm counting the days until I can dump you at the end of the year. 30 days a...

Scheduled Transactions

Okay, so I like many others am not happy with the new update on the USAA website/App. However, before completely jumping ship to a new bank (like I suspect many are already doing since no one is taking our feedback seriously) I am trying to give the ...

searching transactions by cardholder

Is there a way to search transactions by cardholder on the new system? I used to be able to do this and would like to continue having the option. Thanks