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Communities on are changing

Feb 28, 2014

Starting March 6, 2014, all the content you have enjoyed in the Military Spouse and Military Veterans communities will be combined into one place: the USAA Member Community. Why the change? To give you easier access to topics you care about and to interactions with other members like you.

After Retirement: The Inevitable Job Offers

Nov 14, 2013

As you blissfully go about your daily retiree routine, you’ll be blindsided by an epiphany: “Gosh, I could do THAT job!” You’re absolutely right: you could do that job, and you could probably find someone to hire you. Seize this opportunity before it slips away!!

Transition Assistance Program | The Military Advantage

Aug 23, 2013

TAP workshop gives service members a leg up in pursuing civilian careers after their military careers are over.

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