My husband and I are looking to rent a car in December. He is in the military and we are both 22. When I look at rental prices I get a message that says " waiver of underage fee is applicable to USAA insurance eligible members only" . Does this mean that we have to have usaa car insurance to qualify for the underage fee waiver or do we just need to be a usaa member? 



@ plums,

To be eligible for the USAA discount you would need to have an auto policy through USAA.  Thanks~Mike

we do all of our banking through usaa and have been usaa members for years, so despite that if we don't have an insurance policy the fee will not be waived?

@ plums,

USAA negotiated with the rental car companies participating in the USAA Rental Car Program to waive the Under-Age Driver Fee for military members or cadets (USAA eligible).  Many of these cadets, while old enough to join our military forces, are unable to rent a vehicle either due to age restrictions or finances.  In order to keep this benefit for those we strive to serve, we are taking steps in the next year to ensure the waiver is limited to USAA insurance eligible members only.  Thanks~Mike

so if we are already usaa members and my husband is in the military it will be waived? 

@ Plums,

To be eligible for the discount you must have an active USAA Insurance policy.  Thanks~Mike