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Good morning,I’m trying to sell my home in NC but I’m currently deployed and am having a hard time finding a realtor that I can communicate with through email. Does anyone know a good realtor in the fayetteville, NC area?
I have been trying to sell my home myself and It hasn’t been going well. I was wanting to know if USAA has a service for helping to sell a house.
Hello I’d like to sell my home located in Riverview Florida ... the outskirts of Tampa. I’d also like to use your home selling service; please advise on how to get started. ThanksTammy
I'm interested in selling a condo in Vero Beach, Florida but hate to pay a 6% realtor fee. Any help would be appreciated.
Hello, I have a question regarding the selling of my home. I am attempting to sell my house without an agent and have found a pre-approved buyer who is also not using an agent to make me an offer. Since neither one of us is using an agent, we're both kind of at lost about how to procede. My first st...
Does USAA offer any assistance with selling homes?

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