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Selling home to spouse to pull out maximum equity

Sep 22, 2017

We live in Texas. The only state to not allow VA Cash-out refinancing of a home (or last I was told). Both my wife and I are veter...

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USAA Social Service
JDGJ, Thank you for reaching out in the Community. USAA would be happy to assist you in exploring options for cashing o...

Florida Homeowners Are Forced To Assess Damaged Homes

Sep 13, 2017

The scope of disaster from recent hurricanes is still blurry. Clearly, Florida homeowners face a lot of challenges when it comes t...


Sep 7, 2017

I am closing on a new home soon and selling my house, how do I get the profits of the sale into my checking account

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USAA Social Service
Congratulations on your new home! You may have the funds from the sale wired into your account. To view the wire instru...

Selling Condo to Interested Buyer

Aug 15, 2017

Hi, We have an interested buyer who is anxious to purchase our condo in Miami, Florida. We have not ever sold a property on our ow...

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USAA let me down
Since you have identified an interested (and I presume qualified) buyer, you have done most of the heavy lifting. I was...
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USAA Social Service
Good afternoon home-seller, Unfortunately this is not a service we currently offer. That being said here is a link to o...

Condo for sale, Riverdale NY

Aug 7, 2017

I have a 3 bed 2 bath Condo for sale in the Riverdale section of the Bronx, NY 4-5 Years left on tax abatement 1098 sq ft, Hardwoo...

PCS and Captiol Gains

Jul 25, 2017

We were hit hard in 2007 and short sales a home. As a result we asked dad to sign for the next home in 2009. We just completed a q...

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So this is something to take a look at

4 Tips For Selling Your Home Fast - And For Top Dollar!

Jul 22, 2017

Pack It Up and Make It Pretty Once you’ve made the decision to sell, focus on making creating a space that buyers want to see. The...

Selling our house after only 18 months

Jul 15, 2017

Both myself and my husband are AD militar. We bought our home in a military community in Nov 2015. We now have orders to leave in ...

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USAA Social Service
Hi, Billings24. We wish you the best of luck on your upcoming move. One recommendation is to reach out to one of the re...

VA Mortgage Transfer

Jul 5, 2017

My husband and I bought our current home last year, and had my parents move in. Now we've been thinking about transferring our mor...

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USAA Social Service
Kate102, Thank you for posting in the Community. First of all, I would like to thank your family for their dedication a...

Poor decisions

Jun 22, 2017

Texas has the Texas Veteran Program. It reduces the percentage of the loan by .5 percent. It can be used in conjunction with the r...

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