What costs do sellers typically pay?

Hello, I have a question regarding the selling of my home. I am attempting to sell my house without an agent and have found a pre-approved buyer who is also not using an agent to make me an offer. Since neither one of us is using an agent, we're both kind of at lost about how to procede. My first step was to send them a generic buyers/sellers agreement to spell out their offer. I also sought out a real estate lawyer to write up the contract. The buyers are using a VA loan from USAA and the house is in Florida with a asking price of 355K. As a seller, what costs should I expect to pay? I understand that sometimes closing costs can sometimes be covered by the seller if agreed to but what can I expect these closing costs to be? What can I expect to pay if I don't agree to paying their closing costs?

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@Jrey78, thank you for your post and we certainly understand your concerns regarding the sale of your home. As you are not utilizing an agent, it is recommend to seek further assistance from either a real estate attorney or a title company to determine what specific costs you will incur as a result of the sale of your home. - Robert