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For sale by owner

For sale by owner

csutt86's avatar User  csutt86  (Opens a pop up layer) Contributor

During a meeting with several real estate agents, my wife and I were astounded by the amount of OUR hard earned equity we would be giving to the real estate agent to sale our home. I am looking into selling the home myself, and was wondering if anyone has done this, and what paperwork would i need? Is there a checklist? Any info is greatly appreciated.

Re: For sale by owner

USAA Social Service's avatar User  USAA Social Service USAA Service

csutt86, I understand that you are looking for advice on selling a home. I recommend the advice section on our website to review the "Buying and Selling" details.  You will locate articles that contain various home selling tools and helpful checklist information. ~Thank. you. Celeste

Re: For sale by owner

Trunnion's avatar User  Trunnion  (Opens a pop up layer) Contributor



I have the same question as the initial post of this thread.  Your advice takes me right back here.  I see no meaningful additional information pertaining to a FSBO checklist or things to consider.  I would normally not hav ean issue for a commission to someone that actually did the work, but she/he only gets 1.5% of the 6%.  The commission fee actually pays the buyer's agent and the brokergae who are working against me. I am interested in a discussion on the legal issues involved with the contarcting phase.  I understand the settlement company deals with the minutia after that.




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