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I only have $78,000. in IRA. Home equity ranges from $120-130,000. in order to replace unsafe 2003 Toyota Sienna, I am considering taking $2-3,000. from IRA. What are choices and consequences? Thank you, Nancy Ingle
In early drafts of the recently enacted tax reform bill, there was a lot of talk about potential changes to retirement contributions. But little actually changed when all was said and done. Proposals to eliminate the deductibility of contributions to retirement plans and to lower the cap on retireme...
I just changed jobs and have a 401(k) with >$100K in it. Should I rollover to IRA? Does USAA have any options?
What are the differences between traditional TSP and roth IRA?
what are the pros and cons of annuities?
Is there a minimum amount required to start my first IRA?
My wife had to cash in a small annuity before she was 59 1/2. She had to immediately for us to add to our down payment on our principal residence. Is there a way to qualify for a hardship withdrawal since we had immediate financial need to buy our home? We are trying to avoid higher federal income t...
I will go from 3 Federal tax exemptions to 2 for tax year 2016, and my W-4 withholding is already at M-0. Does it make more sense from a tax perspective to either A) put the full amount of over age 50 catch-up contributions into my TSP ($6000) to reduce my taxable income or B) change my W-4 to have ...