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I am being offered a $40,000 cash out of my retirement benefits from a former employer. If I live to reach the age of 90 that would be only about half of what my benefit would be if I just wait. Would it be better to wait or cash out and invest. The benefit is only about $300 a month if I wait. Than...
BRS mid career bonus & other bonuses. I am an active duty officer and aviator with 9.5 years of service. I haven't found anything that can provide details on the mulitplier for the 8-12 years of service bonus if I decide to opt into the BRS. Along with the 8-12 year bonus, I will qualify for an avia...
I recently quit working at a place and had a Pension Plan set up there. Well since I am no longer employed by them, I now need to either cash out my Pension Plan or set up an IRA to transfer the money into. My question is this, which is better? and where would I place the money? If it is to go to an...
I am 39 years old and know nothing about investing my money, how do I get started and what is the best way to get started?
I am 61 years old and employed with the federal government. Since I am older than age 59 and 1/2, I have been told that I should move my TSP balance into an IRA so that I have better access to it as compared to the restrictions of the TSP program. What is your advice? Do the same pros and cons apply...
What are the pros and cons to moving a retirement fund from a 401k to an IRA?
Should I switch from a Roth 401 to a trad.401 to reduce my taxes. I am 7 years away from retirement. I am in the 25% bracket . Which would benefit me the most??
Can funds from a traditional (non-Roth) TSP Account be rolled over to a Roth Account? I understand that these funds would be taxable this year.
I just changed jobs and have a 401(k) with >$100K in it. Should I rollover to IRA? Does USAA have any options?
What are the differences between traditional TSP and roth IRA?