How much do I need to start an IRA?

Is there a minimum amount required to start my first IRA?

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Answers (1)

It's the heart of tax season and that makes IRAs a hot topic.  Your question highlights one of the big misconceptions out there:  You need a whole lot of money to get started. Of course, the minimum contribution required to get started will vary from investment to investment and institution to institution and, but typically it's not a lot and if you're willing to set up a systematic investment (for example, each month), you may be required to have even less as an up front investment.


It's a great thing to consider because it could help you on two fronts.  First, IRAs, whether you choose Roth or traditional offer special tax advantages. Second, by setting up your first IRA you'll take a major step in saving for your future.  Too often people find a reason not to start (and I know there are plenty!), but I commend you for getting the ball rolling. 


Give one of our advisors a call at 800-771-9960 to learn more about setting up an IRA with USAA. They can help you figure out what makes sense based on the specifics of your situation. Good luck.