Does USAA handle living trusts or special needs trusts?

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does USAA handle living trusts or special needs trusts?

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Thanks for your question. Creating your estate plan to ensure that your wishes during your life, and after, are taken care of is an important step in your overall financial plan for success.  Many members may find that they have a need for living trusts or special needs trusts as they create their estate plan.  Attention to detail when making these plans is paramount, and we advise working with a qualified attorney who you trust and who specializes in estate planning to design the proper trust(s) for your particular needs. 


USAA has experienced Wealth Managers and Financial Planners that can counsel you around general options for your estate planning needs.  They can also help prepare you for your meetings with your chosen attorney.  Once the trusts are set in place, USAA Federal Savings Bank can serve as a Trustee or Agent for your trust and assist you with the management of the assets in your trust(s). 


You'll be able to speak to your USAA Wealth Manager, Financial Planner, or Trust Specialist to answer your questions and provide advice as to which course of action you should take.  Your team at USAA serves to ensure that all trust beneficiaries are treated as directed in the trust which takes much of that burden off of you.  I invite you to find more information and get in touch with one of USAA's advisors by clicking the link for USAA's Trust Services


 Developing your estate plan can be very rewarding and can provide you with the peace of mind to know that things are taken care of for those you love.  I commend you for taking on this task and I'm sure USAA can help.  


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