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Prop Management Recommendations for VA

Prop Management Recommendations for VA

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My family is moving from WA St to DC area this summer. We plan to rent for the 1st year until learning the lay of the land, and then buy, preferably in Fairfax or Prince William Counties.  Can someone recommend a good property management company to work with?  We've done a fair amount of online research and are quickly approaching information overload! I have a large family, so looking for something with 4+ bedrooms, dog friendly, and i will be commuting to downtown DC.  I would appreciate any suggestions regarding who or who not to contact.  Thanks.

Re: Prop Management Recommendations for VA

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I don't live in or near the District of Columbia (DC) so I have no personal information I can share.


That said, however, here are some EXTERNAL LINKS which may help you:


1. Yelp - Property Management Fairfax


2. Yelp - Property Management Prince William


Hope this helps you.

Re: Prop Management Recommendations for VA

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If you are interested in living in the district I would check out
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