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Please provide me the name, address, and phone number of the government agency that oversees how USAA and Nationstar handle our mortgages.  I have tried in good faith to resolve an issue and USAA/Nationstar have not really answered my questions and in fact more questions are raised.  USAA did not get back to me "as promised" on this very website about one month ago and I am frustrated.    USAA/Nationstar took an issue that could have been resolved in about 2 weeks and we are now going on about 5 months. 


Note to all USAA members -   I would highly recommend that you do not use USAA to finance or refinance your homes.  The actual process of refinancing was incredibly disorganized (it should have been a no brainer for us - we have a net worth of appr $4M, my husband has made a 6 figure salary for over 20 years, and we were only refinancing for $200K - USAA said that they did not even need to see the assets outside of our USAA accounts to be approved for the loan but they could never find the paperwork that we had sent to them, then faxed to them and then refaxed to them).  The move to Nationstar resulted in late statements and our information not being reported to the credit bureaus. I am tired of dealing with this constant situation and most importantly, the condescending attitude of the staff of the Executive Office or whatever they call themselves.   





We realize this matter is important to you and regret to hear of the service you encountered in the handling of your mortgage.  This level of service is certainly not what we want for our members.  Your concerns and comments are important to us and will be reviewed further.  Thank you for allowing us to help remedy your experience. ~Thank you. Celeste

@Celeste   I am not looking for a remedy - I am looking for the name of the governmental agency that oversees the handling of mortgages as well as their address and phone number. It is that simple.  USAA has had plenty of time and opportunity to work this out.  There is no reason why you cannot provide this information to me without creating more frustration. 


I appreciate you following up. We’re aware of your concerns. I will have someone reach out to you as soon as possible. ~Thank you. Celeste

Can I ask what is Nationstar?  I'm looking into a mortgage and reading this comments is very scary.  We have no debts and a high credit score. We bank with USAA so i was thinking of looking into them for a mortgage.  Decided to read some reviews and there seems to be a trend of problems with Nationstar or with documents being requested multiple times.  I'm curious.


Wow, thank you for thinking of USAA for your mortgage needs. The mortgage loans are originated by USAA and remain the servicer on your loan. USAA has selected Nationstar to subservice your loan on its behalf for services such as collecting and processing your payments; paying your taxes and insurance from your escrow account, if applicable; and answering questions regarding your mortgage loan. We would love the opportunity to assist with your mortgage needs. Here's a link to our Mortgage Guide to help you get started. ~Thank you. Celeste 

KHDVL - you need to read long and hard in the members community to see " The Issues" that come with a USAA/nationstar mortgage.

@Celeste - I do not want someone "to reach out to me".  I want you to post the information on this site.  I already spoke to someone at Nationstar today who is going to provide of timeline of what has happened with our account - it will be done within the week. He at least seemed concerned about losing our business.  Just post the information on this website.  I know that you have the abiliity to obtain the information.  If you are unable to provide it, then just say so.  That in itself will speak VOLUMES. 

Nationstar took over the mortgages just last summer and I experienced that they did not honor (or were unable to) my orginal mortgage parameters.1) I had always paid early so that by November or earlier I would have paid up for the year. They began applying all my payments as 'extra' payments and I didn't know they were not applying them to my account appropriately until I logged on to see why I kept receiving mortgage statements that stated my payment was 'due' on an incorrect date. This required phone calls and NationStar indicated that this was not the way my load was written. BUT I had been pre-paying some of my payments for years. 2)Then when I got married I called and asked what I needed to officially change my name, I faxed all the documents and finally three months later I called because the 'contact' form on their site did not work properly. They never called me in three months to say that the document I sent did not come through the fax machine legibly. So I went through it again with a rather recalcitrant agent.3) Now I pay extra principal and they have not in the last two months applied that correctly. I called last month and they fixed it - but this month I see it is posted incorrectly again. I sent an email - but I did it just to see if it will get resolved. I am sure I will need to take a break at work and sit on the phone for 20 minutes getting THEIR problem fixed. This has been the worst mortgage company I have ever experienced. USAA has used other companies but this has been horrendous. No one should have their mortgage agreement NOT reflected in the month to month payments they send. I do not pay ahead anymore. I know that they just cannot handle it. I am getting funds together just to pay off the mortgage so that I do not have to deal with this company.

DCGooz - Thank you for your post in our Community. This is not the service we strive to provide our members and I understand your concern. I have forwarded your concerns for further review. A specialist will follow-up with you. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.  - Tricia