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Winter Landscape Checklist

by Community Manager

‎02-07-2014 09:00 AM

Content provided courtesy of USAA.


Just because it's winter doesn't mean you're free from yardwork. For instance, cleaning out gutters and downspouts allows for proper drainage of melting snow and ice, as well as water, and helps preserve the roof. Prevent weather and other damage to your home with these landscape tips from Marshall & Swift/Boeckh.

  • Divert groundwater away from the home by maintaining proper slope and grading.
  • Use trellises and other structures for climbing plants.
  • Make sure plants and shrubs aren't planted so close to the home that their roots could damage slabs and foundations.
  • Direct sprinkler spray away from the home; siding, veneers and flashing are only meant to deflect rain from above, not water from beneath.
  • Prevent termites from being attracted to wood framing by keeping organic materials, such as soil and mulch, at least eight inches below the first row of siding.
  • Ensure patios, driving pads and other hardscape features drain away from the home. 

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