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Know What You're Checking "No" for Next Time You Rent a Car

by Community Manager

‎01-23-2017 07:10 AM

Content provided courtesy of USAA.

By J.J. Montanaro, CFP


A friend of mine was in a non-injury fender bender while he was on a vacation.

It put the rental car out of commission, so he arranged for alternate transportation and finished his trip. A quick call to his insurance company confirmed he was covered with the same terms and deductibles as if he’d been driving his own car.

No big deal, right?

That’s what he thought — until he received a bill from the rental car agency a few months later.

The agency informed him that he owed them for the time the vehicle was being repaired and not rentable. In addition, the bill included a charge for the reduced value of the vehicle due to the accident. Finally, the company charged him for the administrative costs associated with sorting out the situation.

The total was a hefty $1,500. He called his insurance company and was shocked to learn that those particular losses were not covered by his auto insurance.


However, his story has a happy ending, thanks to his credit card company. One of the benefits of his card is that it includes protection that covered what his auto policy didn’t. Does yours?

With the holiday hustle and bustle upon us, it’s a safe bet that some drivers are paying more attention to their shopping lists than the traffic around them. That makes now a good time to review your coverage options so a rental car accident doesn’t turn your vacation into a financial nightmare.

Here’s a brief summary of four major coverage options you’ll be presented with next time you rent a vehicle:

Loss damage waiver. Normally, this coverage runs $10-$20 per day and prevents the rental car company from holding you accountable for damage to the vehicle or loss of use, towing or administrative charges. However, the rental company may still file a claim against your auto insurance that may show up on your driving record.

Liability. This coverage extends the protection provided by your own policy if you are found liable in a lawsuit after an accident. The typical cost is $7-$14 per day.

Personal accident insurance. This covers any medical and ambulance charges incurred by you or your passengers. Your auto policy might include Personal Injury Protection (PIP), or you could be covered by your medical insurance. Typically, this runs $1-$5 per day.

Personal effects coverage. This insurance covers your personal possessions inside the car if they are stolen or damaged. Your homeowners or renters policy also may cover this type of loss, subject to deductibles. This protection usually costs $1-$4 a day.

This holiday season, before you blissfully forego the insurance when renting a car, check with your insurance carrier, credit card company and any other membership organization that might provide protection. For example, if you rent a vehicle through one of USAA Alliance Services Company’s rental providers and use the correct discount code, not only do you get a free additional driver and some other perks, but charges for loss of use, depreciation and administrative costs will be waived.

Know how well you are protected before you initial any boxes that say “declined coverage.”

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