USAA, Blue Star Families Expand Relationship

BSF-4C.gifA shared commitment to strengthen the military family has led to an  expansion of an already existing relationship between USAA and Blue Star Families. The organization is now turning to USAA to offer Blue Star Families and Blue Star Neighbors’ members new opportunities through USAA’s insurance, investments, banking and college savings plan offerings.


USAA has sponsored Blue Star Families’ annual Military Family Lifestyle Survey for the past five years, helping shape and promote participation in the project.


“We’re excited to be able to expand our relationship with Blue Star Families,” said Nathan McKinley, vice president of affinity management and development. “It’s been an honor to have been able to say we were a part of the survey, but we wanted to do so much more with the organization. Our missions are very similar, and our new agreement will allow USAA to help Blue Star Families achieve its goals.”


With the agreement, USAA continues its support of the Military Family Lifestyle Survey as well as assisting the group through USAA’s social media channels and at local and national events.


“Blue Star Families connect with one another through the shared challenges of military service,” said Kathy Roth-Douquet, Blue Star Families chief executive officer. “USAA and Blue Star Families have a shared connection and mission too: to strengthen military families, regardless of rank, branch or physical location, by leading them toward opportunities to build strength in the individual, their families, and their communities.


“In our military community, the strength of our commitment to each other makes us a family,” Roth-Douquet said. “Our innovative relationship offers valuable new opportunities for Blue Star Families and Blue Star Neighbors' members to benefit from USAA’s service, products and advice, as well as directly support our growing organization.” 


In addition to the checking and savings bank offerings, USAA will introduce a Blue Star Families MasterCard® and American Express® credit card specifically designed for Blue Star Families and Blue Star Neighbors’ members later this year, McKinley said.


For more on the offer, visit, or call, 1-844-4BLUESTAR (1-844-425-8378).



About Blue Star Families

Blue Star Families (BSF) is a national, nonprofit network by and for military families from all ranks and services, including active duty, National Guard and reserves. Our mission is to strengthen military families and our nation by connecting communities and fostering leadership. With our partners, Blue Star Families hosts a robust array of morale, empowerment, education and employment programs.  


Since its inception in 2009, the organization has engaged tens of thousands of volunteers and served more than 1.5 million Blue Star Family members annually, including military spouses, children, parents, and friends, as well as service members, veterans. In addition, our Blue Star Neighbors program helps bridge the gap between military families and their communities. As a prominent resource for understanding the fluctuating needs of the military connected community, the annual Blue Star Families Military Family Lifestyle Survey offers concrete data/information about prominent aspects of the military lifestyle, and is used by Department of Defense, the White House, Congress, nonprofits, and think-tanks as a valued resource as well as cited by national media for its insight and recommendations.  To learn more about Blue Star Families, visit



Blue Star Families receives financial support for their sponsorship.

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