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One of the scariest aspects of moving is finding new friends. You have already dealt with the difficult goodbyes to the people you have met at your current duty station and the nerves start to set in about the new set of people you will meet.


I used to be the type of person who HATED doing things alone. It made me nervous to attend events, take classes, even volunteer without a pal to tag along. I quickly learned, after taking the initial step, whether that be attending a FRG meeting, going to a spouses group event, going to a new church, that once I went and the nervousness subsided I had a great time and the opportunities to make a new friend were endless.


The key to being happy and forming healthy and fruitful friendships after a move is to GET INVOLVED. Here is a list of easy ways to instantly become a part of your new community.


  1. FRG: Try out your command's Family Readiness Group and attend a few command functions. Volunteer your time and you'll be surprised at the opportunities that will come your way!
  2. Attend classes on post (fitness classes, wellness seminars, finance advice, etc.).
  3. Find a church.
  4. Find local volunteer opportunities.
  5. Introduce yourself to your neighbors.
  6. Help at your child's school or Find activities and classes for your kids.
  7. Join a group (knitting club, cake decorating class, running group, soccer team, etc.) or organize or find a local group.
  8. Last but not least, contact your installation's MWR (Morale Welfare and Recreation) department. They will have some great information of local activities and events.

    Air Force MWR
    Navy MWR
    Marine Corps MWR
    Army MWR
    Coast Guard MWR


We all should remember how we felt when we were the new person in town. I try to make it a point to talk to, encourage, and include any newcomers in my spouse's squadron. I remember how intimidating and nerve wracking it can be moving to a new place without a support system! Please share some of the activities or ways you have made new friends after moving.


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