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Although back to school commercials and advertisements are popping up, summer is still in full swing for many of us. As a work from home parent, how are you managing the crazy kids schedules (or lack thereof) with getting any work done? I am struggling finding time (and the energy) to keep up with my work flow managing my 2 year old and new baby this summer - even with set times my daughters are at school or with a babysitter, so I asked the experts, fellow work from home parents:


How have you managed navigating the summer and getting work done?


Here is part one of what they had to say:


  • I've been making it a point to schedule the fun stuff in the morning and then after lunch it's work time while they nap & then lovingly shove them into the backyard and tell them they're not allowed back in until dinner. - Jennifer from


  • I borrowed the idea from Cori of Hey Lets Make Stuff but she schedules out her days. Like Monday is for creating all her DIY projects, Tuesday is for writing blog posts, Wednesday is the day to do stuff that she doesn't want to do like taxes, etc... Also places like Chick Fil A where they have wifi and a place for the kids to play are crucial for my productivity! -Alicia


  • We have a pass to a local museum and zoo, and I hired a p/t nanny. Working from home is 10x harder IMO then working from the office. Advice- ask for season passes in lieu of some gifts for Christmas, saves space, won't get destroyed in two seconds and we use them a lot!- Emery


  • My work from home is just writing and blogging, so I do it after 8 pm when the kids are in bed. I can do some little things during the day, but not much right now since husband is deployed and I have 4 little ones at home. So I get in a few hours per night, schedule my posts and work in advance, and that's the best I can do right now. - Lizann


  • Child care - if you are working 20+ hours a week or going to school as a spouse, use the child care aware subsidy program or call for hourly drop ins at the CDC (Child Care Development Center). Or hire a nanny. With young kids, there is no other option. I work a full day then hop back on after our son goes to sleep. - Christine founder of Military Quality of Life Consulting, LLC


  • My son is in a day camp. I use a subsidy for it. It's great and he's happier than I am.- Susan



  • My mom watches my son two days for about 4 hours, this is when I try to write as much as possible so my posts are written well in advance so that the rest of the week I can do smaller stuff during nap times and after he goes to bed. - Kara from


  • This is my new secret-the YMCA has kid care free with membership for 2 hours a day. 2 days a week I'm writing in the YMCA cafe while they play! The other 2-3 days Daddy and I grab a workout or hot tub date. They think it's amazing and so do we! Best $90 (for 4 months!) we've spent in a long long time!! Plus, we are getting in shape and it's pretty motivating to get some much needed couple time! –Catherine


No matter what your work style is, you can survive the last of this summer! I have taken some of the advice given above and managed to sneak in an hour of work before my two little ones wake up (fueled by LOTS of coffee),use nap times to write and read, as well as sending my oldest to a summer program and utilizing a babysitter when needed.


Do you have anything to add? How do you make working from home successful during the summer months?


Look for Part Two coming soon.


About the Blogger: Briana Hartzell is a Navy spouse, mother to two beautiful girls (2 years and 4 months), a former full time USAA employee and a graduate of Texas A&M University. Briana writes at Being Briana, a blog focused on the joys that military life and parenthood can bring.


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