shutterstock_135620978.jpgIf you are moving this Valentine’s Day the most important people for you to butter up are your movers and packers. They are the ones who will be transporting all of your precious cargo. Here are my tips to make sure they treat all of your worldly goods with the care they deserve!


Be Kind

Being kind may be harder than you think. Moving is stressful and sometimes a big pain and, at least for me, it is sometimes a struggle to stay positive and friendly during this time (I clearly need to be eating more chocolate hearts throughout the moving process). It is important to be patient with the movers and packers. I truly believe when you show them respect and kindness they will treat your items with the same respect they received from you. (Plus, in the season of love it should be much easier to be nice, right!?)


Be Organized

It is much easier for the packers to put your items in boxes efficiently if all of your possessions are in order. Prior to your move, de-clutter your belongings and give things you do not need to charity, or make extra money by having a garage sale. Part of your organization needs to include designating your spouse's "work" items (books, gear, and extra uniforms). These items are sometimes counted separately and will not be factored into your weight limit. Next, choose a designated area or room in the house where you will store items that you do NOT want the movers to pack. This should include all of your most valuable personal (non-replaceable) items, important documents and items you will need in transition (air mattresses, clothing, paper plates, etc.) in another room that will not be packed by the movers. The packers will greatly appreciate not having to sift and sort through your items, guessing what should be packed where.


Label Special Care Items

Place all of the items you would like packed with particular care in one area (include high-value items here as well, they will be specially labeled).For us this included the photos and art we had hanging on the walls. Remember, you need to take everything off the walls in order for the movers to pack it. When the packers arrived, I explained that everything in our dining room was fragile and meant a great deal to me and kindly asked that they take extra care with these items. I cannot promise this technique will always work, but nothing from that table was broken.


Offer Refreshments

I provided pizza and beverages (water and Gatorade) to the movers the first day, and snacks (granola bars and chips) the second day. I know this is not necessary, but I felt it created a friendly environment. The movers will move unopened packages and canned items from your kitchen, but I suggest offering the packers some of the items you have left -because you cannot guarantee your boxes and belongings will be transported or kept in a temperature controlled environment. Last but not least, they may even enjoy a big Valentine’s Day box of chocolates!


Spread some PCS love and share your methods of wooing your movers and packers!