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Hurricane season is just a concept, until a hurricane affects someone you know, or it comes too close for comfort. It really makes you think, what if it was coming my way!? My thoughts and prayers go out to all of those affected by Isaac. In the event a hurricane is headed toward your home, please heed the following advice.

Be prepared in ADVANCE. Have an emergency plan, including:


  • A meeting place in case you cannot get in contact with a family member, or you get separated.
  • Pack an emergency travel bag, include essentials, such as clothes and toiletries, blankets, car phone charger with a spare battery, extra set of keys for home and car; cash in small bills; emergency binder; and a home inventory of possessions in case your home sustains damage and some of your belongings are lost.
  • A list of the items the family members would like to take with them in the case of an evacuation (wedding albums, heirlooms, etc)
  • Get your home hurricane ready.


If the hurricane is headed your way and authorities order you to evacuate now, go immediately.

If you have at least 24 hours:

  • Pack bottled water, non perishable foods, phone charger with car adapter, laptop, flashlight and batteries, pet supplies (food, leash, kennel, papers and litter box) and prescriptions.
  • Get gas.
  • Secure your home, board up windows; remove any items that can become hazardous from the front and back yard. Move your valuables away from windows.
  • Get in touch with your spouse's military command and emergency organizations, such as the Red Cross, Salvation Army or Federal Emergency Management Agency for shelter information.


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Adjusters are in the area ready to assist members who have been affected by the storms. Members can find the up-to-date onsite locations and other catastrophe resources on USAA's Disaster and Recovery Center.