We are in PCS orders season. Now that I have a few moves under my belt, I have learned something from each and every move. I had the chance to talk with a few military spouses who felt the same. Have you ever thought, “I wish someone would have told me this before I moved!!”


7 Military Spouses Share their PCS Tips:

“Never drive across the country (including mountains) without checking the weather first! As we learned the science lesson of rains becomes snow! Also Make sure you pack for all season as a just in case! Otherwise when you hhg are delayed for 2 months due to your "sure thing house" you'll be buying yourself a new wardrobe. As snow gear does not work in May California…” -Elizabeth

"Moved from Whidbey to China Lake. 64 degrees when we left, 120 (no joke) when we arrived. I will check weather at new duty station from now on. Oh, and I will ask housing what they are going to do to the house before the next tenants move in this saving me hours of scrubbing walls when they will just paint them anyway." - Brittanie

“I will never again leave my homemade cookies in a baggie on the counter. I will also never again do it while 8 months pregnant and alone. I'll make sure to have a friend or something to hang out with.” - Leslye

“I will never wait until the very last minute to do PCS cleaning. I will connect with the next duty station to find jobs/things to do/decent places to live about 60 days before we leave our last duty station.” - Fatimah

“Will never let them touch the motorcycle. They broke it.” - Christine

“Best advice I got was dryer sheets! Toss a few into boxes as they're packed... I went a step further and for all fabric items, I purchased (from the dollar store) wardrobe bags and covers and added dryer sheets to my clothing, towels, curtains, bedding, etc, placed them in the bag before they went in the boxes. Maybe a little overboard but my sheets smelled as clean as when they were packed 4 months prior. I'll be doing that again.” - Gillian

“I always pack my crockpot and my Dutch oven in the car- so if we have a lot of time to wait before our shipment, we can still have homemade meals! I get so tired of eating out!”- Megan

What do you wish someone would have told you before your last move? Share your advice below:





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Briana Hartzell USAA

I would like to add not to forget to empty the coffee grounds from your coffee maker. You will be AMAZED at the amount of mold that can grow during the short move. #yuck

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I wish I had packed my brita filter with me in my car. I hate buying plastic bottles bc they are wasteful and many of the places where we have to move require a water filter. Also, one thing I did that was super helpful was keep a clear plastic box about the size of a shoe box with tape, scissors, markers, notepads, sticky notes, etc and a small cleaning box. I had it with me everywhere. It was awesome. Great for final clean up at old house and for initial wipe down at new house!
Briana Hartzell USAA

Thanks for those great tips Anna! :)


Thank you so much to all that contributed.

I am moving (my first move that does not involve the military) in late April.

The ideas about my coffee machine (I have been there!) the fabric softener sheets, and the awesome everywhere box will be put to good use.

Now, I am off to do some packing.  ;)

I am a procrastinator, and it will be misery doing everything at the last moment.




Briana Hartzell USAA

Thank you for commenting Beth! I tend to procrastinate too, so I am sending you some positive non procrastinating vibes!! :)


Remember to carry your kids SHOT/Immunization Records close at hand.  At some point when you arrive at your next duty station, you will be asked to produce them.