Are you a military spouse?


We're pleased to introduce USAA's Military Spouse Community where you can foster connections among friends old and new. USAA's Military Spouse Community is where you can ask questions and get advice from friends across the different branches and the world. USAA wants to provide you an environment where you can share your stories about military life and learn from one another. You will be able to participate in conversations centered on PCS, Deployment, Going Civilian and Military Money Matters. The community offers you access to USAA resources and advisors.


We know military life can sometimes make you feel alone, with few people who can really understand what it's like. USAA's Military Spouse Community puts people who have been there where you are. You can offer up your experiences and learn tips and techniques that have worked for others.


Our Community Managers have all walked the walk-either as military spouses themselves or as those who had families while they served in uniform. They will be in the community's discussion areas, moderating the conversations and helping to direct you to the right resources. Briana, Wendy and Tara are here to help facilitate discussions and offer guidance to the community. Almost all of the discussions in the community will revolve around military life or preparing for the transition to civilian life. You can join in as many of the conversations as you want and you can also recommend new topics for discussion.


USAA hopes you will enjoy this new online community. It's our goal to provide you timely and relevant advice from our advisors and extended family.


I have been a member of USAA  since 1968 with my AF husband, a Major Retired.  Having raised two children in Fort Worth,Ariz, Maine, and CA we divorce after 30 yrs of marriage, and he had 20 yrs, 3mos, 2days of service.  Though we went our separate ways, USAA still stayed with me.  I have my car insurance, credit card, house insurance, home equity line of credit, and just recently have my Medicare Supplement with USAA.  I am a family member with USAA. and have appreciated their loyality and service to me.   I have two children who are also and have been since the divorce members of USAA.  I FEEL SAFE AND SECURE with USAA, NOW  AND ALWAYS.   I have been there and done pretty much what most active members are doing now and understand. 

Regular Visitor

I'm a military wife that cares for 

My retired Veteran spouse he retired April 2012 he is 100 % disabled £ unemployable 

.....we have been married 

16 years together 18 years 

It Is Sometimes very mentally  Draining.... he Retired after 32 years as an E8 MASTER SARGENT ARMY...... he doesn't like leaving the house ..... i do all the dream has always been to start my own small BUSINESS 

......i just want something of my own ............. to save and plan something 

For our children n grandchildren 


Dont get me wrong i wouldn't 

Ever want anyone caring for 

My husband  .......But the VA has 

To Get better in providing The Spouses and or family care takers 

With >>>>>> 

Training £ mental health Courses .....

I was Diagnosed with Cancer in

2015 ..... GOD has blessed our family immensely.....i am Humbled 

Because he has Panic attacks 

And was diagnosed with agrophobia with depression he 

Stays very angry........ and when 

We have Appointments he isnt

Honest with The Drs ....



Does anyone have any advice for 

Me on this ...... i currently dont 

Receive and compensation or 

Help from the VA ......

For taking Care of my SPOUSE 


I Was Denied My Disability....

They never Gave me a reason..


Hi @MicsGurl ,

Thank you for sharing your journey here in community. You have risen above adversity and stood by your spouse through thick and thin. I am sorry to hear of the setbacks you have faced recently. Have you reached out to your states Veteran's Commission or the VFW? The Hidden Heroes is a online support group for caregivers, you may be able to find some much needed support and some helpful advice there.


WIshing you the best of luck, please keep us posted on how you are doing. Thank you.