Welcome to the PCS (Permanent Change of Station) section of USAA's Military Spouse Community! When you come here, you will find information that will make your moving experiences a little bit easier!

My name is Briana Hartzell and my military life began five years ago, after marrying my high school sweetheart. True to the rushed timelines of military life, my husband and I squeezed several life events into two short weeks. He graduated from Texas A&M University, was commissioned as a Naval officer, we got married and then he moved!


In his three years in the Navy, he has moved four times! My husband has been stationed in Pensacola, Florida, Corpus Christi, Texas, Kingsville, Texas and currently, Lemoore, California. Three of those moves were DITY (Do It Yourself) and our last was done by the Navy. The military's definition of permanent is a bit different than mine, but I try to view every move as a new adventure!


In this section we will cover topics ranging from moving with children and pets to owning, buying and selling a home. We will also discuss what it means to live on an installation and what you need to do before and after you move! The possibilities for great conversations are endless. I am looking forward to hearing the many experiences and stories you have to share!


I cannot express how excited I am to help facilitate discussions and answer as many questions as possible about your moves! If I do not know an answer, I will find someone that does. Remember this is YOUR community! USAA wants to make sure that Military Spouses have a trusted resource to answer questions, address concerns and provide a safe place to talk. So please, browse the various topics and feel free to submit discussions and share your experiences.

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I had a recent reminder to add a to-do to my to-do list after moving (PCSing): plan my emergency routes. With a tornado hitting 5 miles away, living on the 2nd story of a building, and being in a place that lost electricity, it reminded me that I need a plan for the location's possibilities. Something as simple as a flashlight or batteries for the flashlight is something that I need to think about for each new location. Where are essential items like this going to be placed? Where do I need to go to be safe from a tornado, hurricane, or fire? These are all fairly simple, unless you don't think about it until you are experiencing it.
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Kapaulso, that is such a great point! With all of the preparation that goes into moving, I have never thought to consider Mother Nature or a disaster situation! Thanks for the great tip!
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We are moving from Hawaii to the D.C. area in August/Sept. Unfortunately, I am going to be working at Ft Belvoir and my husband is going to be working at Walter Reed Medical Center. We have to children (2 yrs and a 1st Grader). Does anybody know of a good location that won't be terrible for us to get to work and be able to drop kids off at daycares/schools? Also, does anybody have any good advice for before/after school care and daycare options? I am really stressed about the commuting, trying to get the kids taken care of and still have some quality family time. Thanks for you advice
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Ginurse, thank you for stopping by the community and posting your question. I reposted it in the discussion forum, hopefully you will get some advice that helps you decide where to live to minimize your commute! https://communities.usaa.com/t5/I-m-Moving-To/Moving-to-the-D-C-Area-Need-advice/m-p/2848#U2848