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I was disappointed to know that the county we live in had the LOWEST turnout in the state for primary elections last week. I hope that was not because of the large military population in this area. Absentee voter registration is such an easy process, I encourage you all to update your information and contact your state of residence now, so you will have everything in order before the presidential election. If you register soon you may even have time to vote in the primary runoff, July 31st 2012.


Ensure your voter registration information is up to date and that your current address is correct so that you may be sent an absentee ballet (if necessary) from the state in which you hold residency! The Military Spouse Residency Relief act, gives us spouses rights to maintain our residency in a state other than the one our spouses are stationed in.


I used the website Federal Voting Assistance Program. Their vision is to ensure "Military and overseas voters are able to cast a valid ballot, which is counted in the election, from anywhere in the world, as easily as if they were at a polling place". This service walks you through the steps of choosing your state of residence and filling out the necessary information (much of which is state dependant). They made updating my information and address an easy process and would recommend them to anyone who is not an expert keeping up with their voter registration.

The brave men and women who are serving in the military fight for our freedoms, one of which is the right to live in a democracy and we need not waste the privilege and opportunity to vote!


Additional Resources:

Federal Voting Assistance Program

Military Spouse Residency Relief Act (MSRRA) (Public Law 111-97)