shutterstock_113795632.jpgThis may be old news for Army and Air Force families, but the Navy just eliminated the need for the vehicle decals June 2013. I have mixed feelings about the change. I visited the Navy pass and tag office in April and talked with the patrons working there and they explained with all of the budget cuts, they were having trouble re-ordering and stocking the different decals needed. To eliminate decals for budget reasons is legitimate (I would much rather not have a decal on my car then loose something more important). However, I will miss the ability to identify fellow military members or their families by their car (seems silly, but it creates an instant camaraderie)!

To Gain Base Access:

To gain access to base you will simply need to provide a valid military ID. They will also be performing random security checks to ensure you have the following: vehicle registration, proof of insurance, and if applicable, safety inspection certification and emission certification.


You still need to ensure your vehicle registrations and Military IDs are up to date!


Car Registration


This one is EASY! Many Departments of Motor Vehicles offices (DMV) are allowing people to renew their registration online. Go to this site and choose the state your vehicle is registered in and the site walks you through the whole process! You will need a credit card, your vehicles license plate, VIN number and a printer (for the temporary receipt!) Make sure you do not let your registration expire, to renew online it must be current! Make sure to register your vehicle in the state you wish to claim residency in.

Military ID

To renew your military ID or to get it updated when your significant other is promoted (I recently learned you should get a new ID when their rank changes- however there seems to be no hard deadline for this). To renew or update your ID, you must either have your sponsor present, have power of attorney or have had them fill out and sign DD Form 1172 (signature must have been within 90 days of current date). You will also need two forms of identification. One form of identification must be a state/government issued photo ID (driver's license and non-expired military ID will be sufficient). You can renew your ID as early as 90 days prior to expiration. Do not wait too long, because there starts to be issues when you have less than 30 days to the expiration date. Call your local ID office on base if you have specific questions. To make your renewal processes even easier, make an appointment! Call your installations ID office and they can make an appointment for you, or they will point you to a website like this one.

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