Your sanctuary, your oasis, your retreat at the end of a long day, and the location of most of your personal belongings: your bedroom. This is the last and most difficult (for me) room to prepare for a move.


Here are 3 tips to help you prepare your bedroom for the movers:


First thing is first, you need to decide what to keep, what to pack and what to recycle. If you have not worn an item in the past year, it needs to go. I like to use the term “recycle” instead of "get rid of" because it motivates me to donate items to Goodwill, consignment shops or the Salvation Army. It makes it easier for me to give an item away when I think about the other people who could be wearing and enjoying the piece that no longer works for me.


After you have recycled some of your clothing and shoes, it is time to decide what you will pack with you for your move. Along with clothes and toiletries, you should have an air mattress, set of sheets and a few pillows to help you set up in your new house in case you get there before your household goods do!


Make sure to take all art and photos off of the walls before the movers arrive. I like to place these (along with picture frames and breakable items) in a designated “please pack with care” area. 


You also need to remove the light bulbs from your lamps (the packers will not move light bulbs.


If you plan to move firearms you have to let the packers know BEFORE they arrive. They will have special forms and designated boxes for these items.


I think one should always pre pack before the movers arrive. Start by placing folded clothes from your dresser drawers in large zip top bags (carefully as not to have to refold them after your move) or wrap each drawer with plastic wrap. This way, the contents of each drawer will remain intact and there will be no need to sort and organized while unpacking!


Pack all your jewelry and place in the “do not move” area. You don’t want to take a chance that something with sentimental (or monetary) value could be lost in the move.


Packing your other rooms?


Please share your tips for preparing your bedroom for a move. I have learned the most helpful things from fellow military families who have JUST moved! The more we share the less stressful our moves will be!