Limitless Contributor

We all have those moves during which something happens that we just cannot wait to share with the world, or forget forever! Instead of sitting down with our old lock and key diary and writing every detail of the day for no one else to see, we sit down at the keypad on our laptops/computers and smart phone and share it with the world!


Thank goodness for military spouse websites and blogs or we would miss out on some stories like these...


Spouse Buzz's article with a compilation of embarrassing moving moments in the comments!


Ask The Millies compiled PCS stories and advice from a handful of military spouses's stories from two spouses who took steps to make the most of their move with a positive attitude!


The Meat and Potatoes of Life's take on the new "stalkers" - also known as the people who have just PCSed to your neighborhood - is good for a chuckle!


Goodnight Moon's unpacking horror story made me cringe and cross my fingers and pray I will not experience mix up or heart break like this!


Home Front United has stories about PCSing while pregnant and waking up and not remembering where you are!


What would you write in your PCS diary? Whether you have a funny, dramatic, happy or sad PCS story, we would love for you to share!