Buying a home is an enormous decision. The military's transient lifestyle can make this a tougher decision for us than it would be for a civilian family. You need to analyze your moving potential (not simple in the military life), budget, apply for loans and more. Below are a couple of factors that helped us to make the decision to buy a home at our current duty station in Lemoore, California:

  1. My husband received orders to a Fleet squadron in Lemoore for three years. (These orders, barring an injury, are pretty set in stone).
  2. We had saved enough money to put a 20% down payment on a home in our budget (this is not required, just a personal decision we made in order to reduce our monthly payments).
  3. When we moved here initially I had a hard time finding a rental home (there was a six month wait for base housing). The homes that were in nice neighborhoods were in high demand. (This made me feel better about purchasing a home, moving in three years, and if we decided not to sell, we would at least have a good chance of renting out our home).
  4. We spoke to a lender, looked at home price trending reports and found a neighborhood and house we loved.


Buying a home is such a personal decision. I recommend when you decide to purchase a home, it is after plenty of research. Do not resolve to buy "just any home", if you cannot find a good neighborhood, floor plan etc., do not settle a home you do not love. I am guilty of this. We decided to buy a home so I kept trying to make the listings we saw "work" instead of waiting for the perfect home. (Thankfully my spouse is VERY picky and insisted we could find something better!). I can say finding the right place is worth the wait. It is important to also understand the risk that the home you purchased could be worth less when/if you try to sell it. Given our financial situation, and the fact if my husband continues a flying career in the Navy we have a good chance of returning to Lemoore NAS, we decided it was worth the risk.

The reasons above worked for our family, but might not for yours. Have you purchased a home? Will you share your experiences?

Financial Readiness and Advantages to Owning a Home

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To the folks on your journey to buying a new home: I would like to share a story. My husband is from the military of the Air Force, well before it was known that. He was in World II and all of Korea. No I am no where near that age, but let me share with you our journey. We had always wanted to own our own home. So the search went on and we knew once we found the home it would be for us. Well, in the meantime years go by, about 20 and still we did not find that special home. Hubby passes away and almost 10 years have now passed. But that dream of ours is still there. We had saved up for this our whole lives you could say and by now we had a great deal more than 20% to put down. Again the real estate agent, whose name I will not reveal, mentioned to go out again and look. Now keep in mind, all these years we had been looking and never stopped. I was not my happy self because, well we had look so long and hard and it was hopeless. Well, we come upon this corner lot property, and this was our dream home that finally awaited. It was on the market only (5) five days and a steal in price. It was with a red kitchen and a two-car garage. It has (3) three bedrooms, (2) two bathrooms, (one in a perfect hot pink), on one level with no stairs to climb. (We all get older at time goes on.) The living room is a great size with a cathedral ceiling and just perfect to watch sports on the television. The kitchen is a dream with all the comforts of home, in having a huge pantry and cabinets galore. There is even a small area to place a set of table and chairs overlooking the huge yard. The yard is perfect for the dogs to enjoy and does not have all the undertaking of care. Oh, there is some puttering around here and there that I can do, myself, maybe to plant a flower here or a small garden there, but not any landscaping, needing huge expensive care, like the typical palm trees or cactus. Well, we finally found the perfect home and the hunt is over. I cannot believe that on February 17, 2013, it will be a year and even though hubby is not here physically to enjoy it, I know in spirit he is having the time of his life with the huge yard to play with the dogs and all the conforts of home. I had a wonderful time packing and reliving all those wonderful memories we had together. You make moving what it is. Sometimes the stress of moving is hard on folks and I understand that. I look back on all the years we looked for a home and never finding one to suit our needs. I am disabled and have special needs. I wish you two the very best in life and also any family you might have that comes along. Thanks for letting me share and comment with a little story of our lives,too. It is never too late to fulfill that dream! Clara D'Angelo
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Thank you so much for sharing your story. How wonderful that after all of those years searching, you found your perfect home! What a inspirational story!!