The anticipation of a PCS can be more frustrating and anxiety inducing than the move itself. The pre-orders time period puts me in an uneasy emotional limbo. It is a little too early to start preparing for a move: what if you will be staying put? Could you be sent overseas: do you need to rush to make doctor and vet appointments for the family to be immunized? Do you need to pare down your belongings to meet certain weight limit? Should you start to say goodbye to friends?


I believe we all struggle with moving, but I know how to handle moving logistics. It is measurable, often scheduled and is generally routine. Packing? No problem. Organizing belongings and lodging for the journey to our new home. Easy. What I struggle with are the emotional aspects during the waiting game. Sometime in the next 2-3 weeks my husband and I will find out his assignment for the NEXT THREE YEARS. Three years seems like a long time to be in one place since in the past three years he has been stationed in 4 different places (Pensacola, FL, Corpus Christi, TX, Kingsville, TX and now Lemoore, CA). Not only will we find out where we will be living, he will be assigned to a squadron and we will get an idea of his deployment schedule! This will be our first deployment, and I am nervous. All of these things are causing me to be anxious and excited. I have surprised myself with my lack of patience during this time! I just want to know!


I truly love my life as a military spouse and will embrace and be excited about whatever my husband's assignment is. I feel very lucky to have the opportunity to live different places and meet new why is it so hard to think this way during the waiting? How do you all handle the anticipation of orders and a move?


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Your post caught my immediate attention because I am in the same situation. We have about 4wks before we find out where we will PCS, and YES its nerve-racking!!!! But I try to remind myself, although we do not have control of where we will be going, we do have control over things today. So what I've started doing was researching different army post (at work on my free time). I look at housing waitlist times, MWR websites, etc. I just gives me some piece of mind. I like to be very organized and I want the move to go smoothly. Therefore, when we do get orders I already know a little information about the duty station (hopefully).
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Thank you for commenting ewilliams! You are making such great choices to help ease your pre PCS stresses!