THANK YOU. Thank you, to all of the men and woman who have served and are serving our country. This past weekend should only serve as a reminder to thank veterans and active duty military members DAILY. I think some forget they serve each and every day and should be recognized more often than they are. I wake up every morning and am so grateful for all that our service members past and present do to ensure our country remains the land of the free. So today, whether Veterans Day and every day, look a past or present service member in the eye, shake their hand and THANK them for their service and sacrifice.

Here are some companies and resources that are also showing their thanks to Veterans:

Giving Veterans the Thanks They Deserve

Helping Veterans Transition to Civilian Life and Find a Job

Please share your words of thanks for Veterans and your favorite Veteran resources.

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USAA 9800 Fredericksburg Road San Antonio, TX 78288 November 16, 2011 Dear USAA, I am writing to request you immediately cease or alter all commercials pertaining to Insurance for veterans families. I find it very misleading, false and I personally feel violated by your policies. I am considering legal action, and hope that will not be necessary this letter will motivate you to be more honest and forthcoming in your commercials. I called in to apply for insurance as a result of your adverting the availability of insurance for immediate family of veterans. I was told in no uncertain terms that I do not qualify because my father is dead and never bought USAA insurance during his life. My father served our country with pride during WWII, served his full time with honor, and suffered his entire life with the after effects of his service. When he passed I was proud to receive a letter from our then president Ronald Regan thanking the family for my fathers sacrifice. For your company to be advertising insurance availability for veterans and veteran families and then deny coverage for the aforementioned reasons is reprehensible to me and I urge you to cease or clarify your marketing immediately. Asa Henry