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Do not wait for trick or treating to go over and ring your neighbor's door bell. As we all know, moving is stressful and often chaotic - and meeting a new neighbor often gets pushed aside. While I do believe it is the existing residents job to go over and introduce themselves to the newest neighbor, do not sacrifice a potential new relationship if they do not make the first move. Getting to know your neighbors builds a sense of security and community. Finding a familiar face in a new place can be the ultimate form of comfort.


My husband and I had been living in our house for a few months, but had not made an effort to meet all of the neighbors (I am embarrassed to admit it took me so long). I decided I wanted to feel a sense of community and security on my cul-de-sac and took the first step! I put tomatoes and jalapenos from my garden into a bag with a salsa recipe, labeled with our names, address, and phone numbers and handed them out to my neighbors on both sides of the house. Now that my neighbors have met me face to face, they will be able to recognize if something at the home is amiss. In case of an emergency (a water leak, fire, etc.), I want my neighbors to have my contact information. Just this week, my neighbor called to tell me she has seen some "hooligans" riding around out streets slowly on the phone and warned me to be careful (she knows my husband is away), she thought they were noting who was home and who was not! Had I not taken the time to exchange contact information, I would have never been warned!


Here are some suggestions and ideas to help welcome a new neighbor:


You are new to the neighborhood:

  • Introduce yourself and family members to your neighbors. Ensure they know who lives in the house (so they can recognize when someone who shouldn't be there is).

  • Spend some time in your front yard; whether you are working in the garage, or sitting out front, taking your dog for a walk etc. Being outside will help encourage your neighbors who might feel uncomfortable ringing your doorbell to come over to introduce themselves and say hello.

  • Give your neighbors your contact information, cell phone number and/or emergency contact information.


You have a new neighbor:

  • Introduce yourself - going over to just say hello will instantly create a welcoming environment for your new neighbor.

  • Extra neighbor points if you if you provide your new neighbor with a list of your favorite places and your contact information. You can find free printables here.


Join the Discussion and give others creative ideas and encouragement to meet their new neighbors. You never know when someone new could be the friend you've been waiting for, or provide your family with new playmates for your children!